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Victim Location 77098

Type of a scam Romance

I signed up for an online dating site ( and was contacted by a person seeking to get to know me. He told me, via gmail account, that he was of European descent living in Virginia, but staying in the UK for business (oil and petroleum). This person’s "name" was Michael Butler, phone 571-336-7352. He told me he was having difficulty getting his refinery project financed, and asked me to pay a US-based logistics company $4623.00 so he could reserve money in the UK for his project costs over there. He provided the company name and bank account for routing the funds. I checked the company and it is registered as an LLC, however, I could not find a telephone number, website, contact name, etc. for this business. It is registered as an LLC in Indiana and the name of the business is Megasource Logistics, LLC. When I looked up the address, it is an apartment in Columbus, IN. I have copied the information from the email correspondence and attached it below. I asked for a copy of the work invoice, contact name, phone number and email address, but no reply was received. I have contacted OurTime

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