Rose Elliot Reviews - Rose Elliot Scam or Legit

Craig –

Victim Location 97217

Type of a scam Credit Cards

my housecleaning business was solicited

for errands and a 500 dollar pay advance

Elizabeth –

Victim Location 91208

Total money lost $3,100

Type of a scam Employment

Hi my name is *** *** I have a profile on I was contacted by some one via texted message who called herself Rose Elliot saying that she cant call because she’s deaf. Rose claimed she was moving to my area and wanted to hire me to care for her dog and to also run errands. She said that her payroll will make out a check with amount of $2650 to me before her arrival. Which i would deduct my wages of $500 for the first week and the remaining funds will be used to buy foodstuffs and pay for her furniture needed in the house at the Walmart.

She asked me to confirm my information for immediate processing of the check, So that her payroll could make out the check payment. So i sent it to her


Home Address:



Zip code:

Cell Phone Number:

I received the check in the mail and deposited it into my checking account as instructed. she told me to go to Walmart and go to the money center and pick up a money gram transfer form and fill out the senders space with my information and Furniture receiver information that she would provide. The transaction did not happen that day because the funds were not available in my Checking account until the following business day. the following day Rose sent me to 3 more money gram locations to send money out to random people. I questioned Rose asking her who are these people that are receiving the money grams and that I thought it was going to be used for the furniture and household needs. Rose did not have a response for that. Once these transactions were done she told me that I should be expecting more checks in the mail. I told her that I did not feel comfortable anymore doing these money grams and that I would not accept anymore checks sent to me and that our service together was over.

This morning I received an email from my bank saying that my account was overdrawn $2650. I called my bank and they told me that the check did not clear that it was fraudulent. I asked then why the funds were available my account to be spent and they told me that it was in good faith to me into the person who sent the check that the funds would be available. So now I am out $2650.

I went to the police department and spoke to the fraud representative and they told me that this is a common scam and that they cannot do anything because the information that rose and the people writing the checks was all fraudulent.

I looked online about this Rose Elliott scam and there was a woman named Peggy Harvey who was scammed last year because of her profile being on

I know that I and to blame but I feel that and the banking institutions could have prevented this type of fraud.

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