Rocky Mountain Motor

Alex –

Victim Location 87059

Total money lost $2,151.80

Type of a scam Online Purchase

What an absolute joke of a business. They had a service shop at 2005 Eubank Blvd that I went to and paid them over $2,000 for a hard top for my Jeep. The employee ordered it for me in June 2019, but when it supposedly arrived in August it was "damaged". I went to the stop to see the damage and he had excuses of why it wasn’t there and that he "had sent it back". The shipping company told me they never had proof that it was actually shipped to the business.

After dealing with the employee for 3 months and knowing he never ordered it I called the owner to file a complaint. He told me he would take over the order and deal with it and see what was going on, while also "making it right". He never looked into the order and let the employee continue lying to him about it. Fast forward to November 2019 and MULTIPLE follow ups from me to the owner, the owner calls me to tell me that the employee fled town and ripped him off for a large amount of money, including my money for my hard top.

He proceeded to ask me to wait until after the holidays to pay me back because he currently didn’t have the money. Then he sent me a letter telling me he’d pay me back within 90 days (April 2020). Well, the letter wasn’t notarized and now I go onto The Better Business Bureau and this business is reported as no longer accredited AND CLOSED. Their website has been taken down, their social media is gone and their service shop is also closed.

Guess what, I am still out over 2 GRAND and I doubt I will ever get my money back. Considering I work extremely hard for my money and it took me a long time to save up for the hard top for my Jeep AFTER it was broken into in my work parking lot. Now I get completed screwed over by this company.

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