Reward Redemption Center

Summer – Mar 11, 2020

Victim Location 35235

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Pre-recorded message beginning with "This is Julie with Reward Redemption Center" claimed I needed to redeem a $100 rebate voucher. If you press # to agree, the representative says you need to pay an activation fee. If you agree, they proceed to market unrelated products.

Erin –

Victim Location 98405

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

The auto dialer called me and said I won a $100 gift card. I called back the # to be put on DNC list, but they wouldn’t. Really bad language barrier, although all three people I talked to said they were physically located in Phoenix, AZ (yeah right! ) I called back again and played along. They say they needed me to pay $4.95 S&H & activation then they will mail me the gift card. I told them I’ll do cash on delivery. Not done that way. I told them to send me a written guarantee of payment. They said they would ASAP after I give them my card number. Then I told the guy, I hope they at least pay him well for having to try to scam people out of their money everyday, I’m recording the call, and reporting them. He hung up 🙂

Allison –

Victim Location 87114

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I called for IT help for my work computer at *** ***, I was told that for the excessive hold times I was going to be rewarded with $100, and a gift card if I listened to the promotions on the phone and waited for the confirmation number. I asked if this was *** *** Help desk, and they said YES. My company does offer promotions and incentives, and I have been hearing of excessive hold times, so I thought this was through my company. I was disconnected part way through the confirmation number, and called back, they had me listen again. I did give my address and credit card number for the $4.95 fee they said I would have and that a packet would be sent to me. I called back numerous times, and the representative "Alex" was the person who continued to answer the phone, when I asked to speak with a supervisor or manager, he said he would transfer me but continues to hang up on me every time I call. This is especially infuriating since this number was posted at my work place as IT HELP DESK.

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