Rocket inspection LLC

Erica –

Victim Location 08527

Type of a scam Employment

Hi I was hired from this company it sounded to good to be true from the beginning I should of known I needed a work from home job my father in laws sick and I can’t leave him alone so I applied to this job it said it was customer service they contacted me immediately and did a phone interview and told me I would need to inspect damage packages and review them make a report on them and they will pay me 600 a week for training ok they emailed me a contract that seemed legit and send me supply’s the first two weeks didn’t receive any packages then the third week received three packages one was an iPhone and a go pro cancer and a headband and I had to ship to the same ware house witch I good it and it’s some company called unitrade group lnc. Possibly another scam place or another shady company well after that week I didn’t receive anything else and they never send me anything else I contacted the email manager that they gave me asking him how was I going to get paid or it’s wierd I’m not getting anymore work because it just didn’t feel right now are they gonna pay me so much money to do just 3 little packages mean while they never paid me or got back becare people I’m really nervous now what there going to do because they have my information so watch out any job that says you can inspect pacakages from home is a scam even if they give you a contract and it seems legit it’s not there not gonna pay you and something shady is going on

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