Richard Gaston

Adam –

Victim Location 79763

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I received a letter from an attorney by the name of Richard Gaston that a relative (with my last name) had passed away 7 years ago in Canada and he had died intestate and there was no next of kin and the deceased had a life insurance policy worth $6,970,000.00. The attorney emphasized that this must be kept confidential and that the monies would be split 10% to charity; 45% to me and 45% to attorney. They requested my full name and phone number to begin the process. I am certain that this is a scam and discontinued any contact. The attorney did provide me what he claims was my relative’s death certificate, the attorney’s license to practice and the attorney’s passport. I have not given the "attorney" any more information.

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