Roberts and Rothwell Law Firm

Kristin –

Victim Location 94591

Total money lost $362.95

Type of a scam Debt Collections

"Michael Rothwell" called me and told me I was going to be served papers regarding a Wells Fargo account that has been in collections for some time now. Told me I owed a total amount of of over $2,138.85 but they would settle for $725.90. They had a lot of the correct info on my and I did have an overdrawn account years ago that had been closed, so they took a credit card payment from me in the amount of $362.95 and promised to pay the rest on the last day of May. I have contacted my CC company and am disputing the charge. I have looked up the company online and other people say they have been scammed or have attempted to have been scammed. They used an esignature company called "RightSignature" and put it all on a legitimate looking company letterhead. I have saved all info including confirmation number, phone number of company, copy of contract, and other things.

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