Rose Financial Services

Robin –

Victim Location 48328

Total money lost $30

Type of a scam Rental

They originally had us come view the home and gave up applications and called later that night and said they were in the office waiting for us and then asked us for a $30 application fee and told us the place was basically ours we just need to turn in documents and sign a lease and it’s ours and then proceeded to ask for a down payment on a RENTAL and when we said we are not interested in a down payment nor will I give money down for a rental they immediately started telling us other people are interested and if we have any type of money it doesn’t matter what it is it guarantees the place is ours and we still said no so she said ok and we left and went home because we wanted to pay all move in costs and move in the day we sign a lease when it’s not 9 o’clock at night. So days later Kathy’s boss Keith Sirlin (the woman who does the viewings and hands out apps) said he needs cash up from totaling $2400 for move in costs and he will not accept a check or cashiers check he needs cash ONLY and then kept trying to reassure me it’s not a scam and said he will show us tax forms and proof of ownership for the office and when I told him I will not hand over money to him he said well we can take a check but we need to cash it first then we will call you and let you know when it has been cashed and I said no you will not this is a scam and you are a liar and then he texted me arguing with me calling me a liar and criminal because he got caught in a scam. The ads for the home wont be taken off the internet and I don’t want people falling for this scam because $2400 is ALOT of money for someone who is poor. Then two days later Kathy texted my phone again telling me they have proof of owner ship and tax documents for their building after I kept telling them I am not interested any more and they kept harassing me. I would like his looked into please. I can provide screenshots of both text messages from Kathy AND Keith

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