Roberta Culverson

Lance –

Victim Location 73008

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted through text message by a (916) Area code introuncing themself as Mr. Anthony Manganiello fromantic Virtu Financial. They proceeded to offer me a position as a Human Resources Manager and I would be working from home. I would be paid $25 an hour with weekly paychecks. I would be provided with everything that I needed from internet to a personal computer printer and all the software I would need, they would send a check to purchase. It all seems great. I look up the company online and everything seems great, no bad news at all. I still have the funny feeling, so I reverse look up the phone number and I found something interesting. The phone number belonged to a Roberta Culverson of Lincoln, California. My concern is that I try to deposit the check and the funds aren’t there or the back track the check and take money from my account.

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