Robert Doberman Puppies

Sean – Oct 29, 2020

Be aware of this petscams jessicabostonpuppies and robertdobermanpuppies. Both website are answered via text messages for a guy named jacobi. He take the money, send a fake contract an after that request an additional payment of $800 in concept of insurance. Avoid these petscams if you do not want to loose yoy money.

Autumn – Sep 09, 2020

Victim Location 89431

Total money lost $800

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Roberts Doberman Puppies is a scam. The website looks great which is what got me. The "owner" known as "Jacoby" who has been breeding puppies since 2008 will convince you to hurry and send money, though the cashapp and you will get your dog very quickly. He says shipping is only $150 to $250 anywhere in the USA. Once you send him the money for the puppy, he then says, you need an additional $1200 for an insurance fee. We talked to this guy over the phone and he gave us every excuse of why we cannot have a family member pick up the puppy and eventfully told us we will not be getting a refund. I asked "Jacoby" why he cannot refund us our money, that I cannot afford $1200, being it was an unexpected charge and he said, "the puppy is already registered to you and it takes too much time to change all the paper work." I did not send him $1200, thankfully he could not convince me any further that this was legit.

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