Roanoke Island Puppies

Noah – Apr 22, 2020

The same thing happened to me as the previous people.. April 21 2020. Unfortunately I fell for this disgusting scam as well. The website seemed so legit, and they had great communication. I paid them through paypal, and hopefully can get my money refunded. But even after sending the payment and confirmation of the payment they still continued texting me, reassuring me I would have my puppy by Thursday morning (April 23) at my door and I would receive a tracking number . The only difference was I was never asked to send additional money for pet insurance. I decided to google “is Roanoke island puppies a scam?” And came across this website and read the above story and my heart sank. I really hope these people get caught. Lesson definitely learned 🙁 I hope this will help stop someone else falling for this horrible scam.

Whitney – Apr 21, 2020

Victim Location 23608

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Inquired about purchasing a puppy. Exchanged was weird and required money before explaining the process of buying the dog. Seemed off and did internet search and found several sites where people have been scammed. Below is an example article.

Louis – Apr 16, 2020

Victim Location 85258

Total money lost $740

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On Tuesday, April 14th, I found the website I was thrilled that they had French Bulldogs at 50% off and would ship them to us for free(they stated they had a voucher). I filled out the application on their website and within 30-60 minutes they sent me a text asking if I was still interested in the dog. After saying yes, they stated if the purchase could be done that night, then they could ship and deliver the dog the next day.They stated we could purchase the dog through using Zellie pay (which meant it would come right out of our checking account). They stated once our payment was received and confirmed, we provided them with our address and local airport, they could proceed with the paperwork which included the change of ownership.The information we had to send to them on Zellie Pay was: Name: McKennedy Nche email- [email protected] we submitted the payment we had to send screenshots of the payments goin through.They sent us additional picture of the french bulldog per our request, then stated payments were received and they would move ahead with all the arrangements and be in touch in the morning.In the morning I did not hear anything so I sent a text to them asking about the dog. They stated at that time they would provide a tracking number and other delivery information. They went on to say the delivery agency needed $1477.99 (which would be refunded once we got the dog), It was a pet protection insurance. They stated it had to be cash and we could not put it on a credit card. At this point we knew it was a scam and said we did not want to proceed and wanted our money back. They stated it would be refunded the next morning. It was never refunded, their phone number was disconnected from our phone lines so we could not call them from our phones. I was able to call from my work number and had to leave a message. No word and no recovery of the money, just 2 broken hearts. PS..if you go to the website, we were trying to adopt Blueberry.

Nancy – Apr 22, 2020

Thank you for posting… I too fell for this and am out $1400 🙁 wasn’t until I seen your story that I realized I was scammed.

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