Carly –

Victim Location 45685

Total money lost $89

Type of a scam Online Purchase

on june 6 2019 I seen an add on face book for a set of alesis nitro mesh electric drum set for 89 dollars so I ordered a set with a visa pre paid card. so a couple days later I ask them for a tracking number so they sent me an email from rlammp.com not blankbank.top.. with tracking number so I tracked number from china to usa.it arrived in usa on june 12 so on june 19 I never received package so I email rlammp.com back and ask where the package was they sent me tracking page and said that the package was sent to my address to check with post office so I check with post office they said my package was delivered to new Hampshire address on june 15 ..I live in ohio..come to find out it says on tracking page at bottom that they sent a t shirt..and the usa postal service said it was sent first class uninsured and untrackible. so what they do is when you order a set of drums from blankbank.top..they send a t shirt uninsured and untrackable to a new Hampshire address. its all a scam..so I email them and said you sent the package to wrong address or sent me wrong tracking number ..they email back and say they will change it be patient on the package…so then I wait nothing comes..and they quit sending me email back.i found out on face book that they scamed several people..and there still trying under different names now but soon as I seen add I let face book know it was scam and they put up warning on add. I did a little research and found out that blankbank.top and rlammp.com are the same people then on rlammp.com who sent me all my email is using another company as there office called leprino cheese company. so I call number and cant get through. so I look up LEPRINO CHEESE COMPANY. and they are now called Leprino foods..so I call contact information and get a hold of Leprino foods and ask them if they knew that rlammp.com was using there name and they looked up rlammp.com and did not know that rlammp.com was using there good name ,so they said they would pass the information on to there lawyer..i just looked up rlammp.com and there still using Leprino cheese company as there office..so I don’t know for sure that leprino cheese is not involved with blankbank.top and rlammp.com…but I do know that blankbank.top and rlammp.com is the same cause there certificates match and was issued on same day..i have e mailed rlammp.com and blankbank.top several times and told them to put money back on visa they took it off of.still no response back for over two weeks now. I did fill a report with federal trade commission..thank you

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