River Farms Compny

Sheena –

Victim Location 75763

Type of a scam Other

Our caller inquired about the $500/wk for a car wrap for "5 Hour Power drink".on Dec 27, 2018. A month later they sent an email advising they would send a check by USPS and it showed up the next for $3,984.99. Our caller was to rush to the bank and deposit the check, "text only" them (240-233-9064) and they would have an installer come to his home to install the wrap. At this time the installer was to be paid. Erik Moore wrote the letter (leaves out words and uses improper grammer) so our caller assumes it’s a foreigner. Our caller didn’t text, etc. Check is drawn on the Bank of Weston (Weston, Missouri), T/R 101205050, Acct # 01227, "Bankofweston.com: is on the check but no address or phone #.

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