Revive Anti Aging Cream

Hillary –

Victim Location 98226

Total money lost $119.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a free trial of skin cream for $9.95 shipping. My bank contacted me about a suspicious charge of $119.95 that originated in Canada which I didn’t recognize, so my card was blocked and replaced. I received a call from a customer service agent talking about continuing my subscription and I realized it was the skin cream company charging my card automatically. I told her I did not agree to a subscription. The bank told me I could file a dispute for the charge, but I decided to try calling Revive. The number is not on their website; I had to search for their order confirmation email to find it. The customer service agent told me the charge was for the trial and that I had agreed to their "terms and conditions" on the website, which allowed them to bill me $119.95 for the product if I didn’t call and cancel the subscription. I told her I had refused the subscription on the phone, but she insisted I would have to return the product to get the refund. I got angry, accused them of being fraudulent, and threatened to file complaints. When I checked my email shortly after, she had cancelled the subscription and was issuing a refund. It is too soon to know if the refund was actually made.

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