REV MARK RAKESTRAW and Charles Bussey

Isaac – Apr 30, 2020

Victim Location 38301

Total money lost $600

Type of a scam COVID-19

Oh this dude seemed very legit even when checking so be careful…I need to move. I’m not in a great situation. So, I found a place on Craigslist and contacted the “owner.” I received pictures of inside (covid-19 was used as part of the whole process in addition he said he was a reverend and doing mission work). I received plenty of details about the place and an application. When that was “accepted” I was then asked to make the deposit. I asked to see the lease first. I received it. Looked like other leases. Signed it and put up the deposit like any other place. Except…a few hours later I was contacted and told I needed to pay first months rent to obtain the keys. The initial agreement via email, text, and in the lease was I would send the first months rent after receiving the keys. I’m telling you, this was very elaborate. Well, I was told and it was in the signed lease, that I could be refunded the deposit. So, I decided not to pursue and asked for the refund. I was told that I would receive it the next day (it was late in the day). Okay. Fine. Next morning I confirm and was told I would receive my reimbursement within four hours…nothing. I reached out and asked for update…nothing. Warned I would report the scam to FTC and gave an additional hour…nothing. I did report to FTC and have an active case. I also am in process of reporting to the state and to local authorities. I also reported to the realtor (I found out the house was actually for sale and all the information I had been given about it actually came from their website). And of course, I’m reporting it here.

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