Raelynn Consulting Inc

Hector – Mar 25, 2020

Victim Location 38134

Total money lost $250

Type of a scam Employment


I was recently sent an email for all college students. A woman by the name of Mistie Raelynn had an office in different areas and looking for a personal assistant to handle things. I never thought I worlds fall victim to such a scam. I honestly thought i was smarter than this. Please stay away from things like this. It is not real. I have learned the hardway. I am pretty sure the check that was sent to me is fraud and my bank will close my account.

Carmen – Mar 22, 2020

Hi! I got contacted and she sent me a check in the mail and wants me to make a deposit to a bank tomorrow. How did you find out it was a scam?

Isaac – Mar 21, 2020

I was just contacted by this “person” this morning; something about her email didn’t sound right so I googled her before responding… and found your post. Thanks for alerting others to this scam… I am not going to respond.

Bonnie –


I was recently contacted by Mistie Raelynn through this email address: [email protected] Is this the same email address that she used to contact you? What was the outcome of your experience with this person? How did she scam you out of $250? What did your bank tell you about the check she sent to you?

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