Retinolla or Dermaretin

Eddie –

Total money lost $20

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I wanted to do some online shopping on the *** website when an offer which appeared to be from *** popped up offering me an award in return for a survey about their customer services. Being on *** website, or what I assumed to be their website as it looked very authentic, I felt safe and unsuspecting, thus did the survey and subsequently was asked to choose an award. I chose the Retinolla set and before I knew it, I became involved in their scam.

As soon as they emailed me that they received my trial order, I responded that I have not registered for any trials but all of it to no avail. They shipped their products couple of days later and now I need to incur additional cost to ship them back. They also claim that I have acknowledge some terms and conditions binding myself somehow, however, I’m positive that I didn’t. Very frustrating experience and I hope the only costs that I’ll end up with are the two shipping costs (to get the product that I didn’t order as I was convinced it was an award and now to ship it back)

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