Ride Cab

Meagan –

Victim Location 97006

Total money lost $22

Type of a scam Other

The taxi driver from Ride Cab (no documentation available, no business card, no response) put the power window up on my left hand injuring it, so that I had to have an xray. No broken bones, yay, but when it came time to ask them for insurance, I called them back and told them I needed them to pay for the xray…they said it was my fault, and hung up on me when I asked for the business manager. Evidently there is none. Young boy in passenger seat up front, likely a son. Lady driving around in her own car, no business license likely, and very unfriendly. I have the receipt for ride to and from, charging $22 total for going 2 miles total, estimated. My granddaughter 20 years old was with me and experienced this accident. I was in the urgent care center for over 3 hours…they billed Medicare. Unfortunately Medicare will not pay this and I am stuck with the end bill. Not sure how much at this time. It just happened 8 13 18. I investigated their business, they took the site down.

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