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Ricky –

Victim Location 90063

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

My niece received an automated phone call that said I was being sued by an anonymous company and there would be a Judgement proceed against me, and that I should call to try and resolve this. I called (877)447-7372 and spoke with a guy named Jim Perkins. He said the debt of $899.61 I had in 2008 had accrued to $3,880.80 and if I paid it today it would only cost $857.26. And if I didn’t pay it today, I would receive in the mail a Judgement proceed against me, suing me for the money and a lien could be put on my home and my credit score would drop up to 200 points. He knew the last four of my SS# and he knew my credit score was 770. He gave me the business name , but could not give me the address for "security reasons" he said. I told him I would call him back because I had to think about it and he gave me an office number (209)3258801 and his personal number(203)293-0840 ext.424.

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