Republic- Bank- Limited

Alicia –

Victim Location 65536

Type of a scam Charity

Paul White Foundation email me and

Want to donation 500,000 dollar to me. And he put it in a bank online account. That the bank of Republic Bank in Dallas , Texas. And told me get hold of them, at this 469-324-9568. And I did , and the one I talk to said to email him and he said to get my money to transfer it online to my bank, so I try it , but it did not work. So I email this guy again and told him it did not work. So he email me back and said it will work, but I try it again , but no work. So I call this guy and his name is Douglas Flint and he work for this bank name Republic in Dallas, Texas. So after a few more email back and fore, it still didn’t work. So I talk to this Douglas and he want me to send about 500 dollars to him and he would sent me a check for this money.

I think it is a scam and iam not sending no money too them.

This is why I am reporting it to you.

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