Rely on Lifetime

Tonya –

Victim Location 04401

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

They called and said I was a candidate to have my loan forgiveness on part of DeVry University deception in their ads. They said to fill out their form on their website and I did. They asked for me for:

• A statement that the borrower wishes to assert a borrower defense to repayment based on state law

• First, middle, and last name

• Date of birth

• The last four digits of the borrower’s Social Security number

• Home address

• Telephone number

• E-mail address

• Name and location of the school

• The program of study

• Degree, certificate, or other credential attained or sought

• Dates of enrollment

• Documentation to confirm the borrower’s school, program of study, and dates of enrollment. Suggested items include transcripts and registration documents indicating your specific program of study and dates of enrollment.

• Any details about the conduct of the school that the borrower believes violated state law including, but not limited to:

o The state and applicable law or cause of action (if available)

o Specific acts (including failures to act) of alleged misconduct by the school

o How the alleged misconduct affected the borrower’s decision to attend the school and take out a loan to pay to attend the school

o The injury suffered by the borrower as a result of the school’s alleged misconduct

o Any other supporting information that would help the U.S. Department of Education review the borrower’s claim

They said I was to be eligible for loan forgiveness. I am now scared because my information is on there and my credit is now in jeopardy.

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