Renewal Derm

Gary –

Victim Location 05446

Total money lost $70

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company tricks you into a free trial, I assumed it automatically enrolled me into some auto-enrollment purchase like most do (even though there was nothing that stated that and I check thoroughly) but just figured if I didn’t like it I would call and cancel. Well, when you try to cancel you get some random "third party customer service company" and they supposedly can’t find you in their system to cancel your account. I called three times getting three different people and asked what the name of the third party company was, what was the name of the skincare company that uses them, etc to which no one could give me answers and would place me on hold and never come back. Come to find out the ads where they claim to have been on Shark Tank as one of the best skin cares ever was stolen and used by this fake company. The company on Shark Tank was not this company at all. The original website I went to is gone and the one I put in above is the one that shows on the purchase on my credit card. Apparently they do this with all sorts of products from skin care to keto diet products.

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