Ricci Delk

Glenn –

Victim Location 07017

Total money lost $720

Type of a scam Employment

I signed up for employment services under House Sitter/Care Guide.com and answered ads posted by users looking for any assistant jobs for petting sitting or housekeeping. Out of ten people that I answered to, one poster responded on March 22, 2018. The contact, (Ricci Delk) sent a message via House Sitter’s mail and gave her email ([email protected]) so she can give in detail on what the job offers. I promptly contacted (Ricci) on March 22, 2018, through my professional email giving her permission to call me on my cell phone about the position and rates. (Ricci) emailed me back on March 24, 2018, introduced herself as a personal assistant to a house owner in New York City and said while her employer is away on vacation to the Cooks Island (on March 28th) and she in Arizona taking care of personal matters; I will be hired as a pet sitter to dogs in the city from April 6-11, 2018. She gave me a briefing on my responsibilities: to sit for two dogs, a parrot, walking the dogs, feeding all animals, picking up mails, running errands to which were to be discussed and calculated by the hourly rate as an extra fee. She wanted to know my daily rates and sent her ID as deemed necessary to feel safe dealing with someone she was not familiar with. My role is to solely pet sit for the dogs from April 6-11 overnight.

On March 24, I responded to her email agreeing to the role, rates and ask if it was okay to attend my continuing education class during the day. I requested to see the dogs before the agreed job date and she said ‘I will able to see the dogs once her getting back from Arizona. We were in agreement on the daily activities and she insisted in my full disclosure of my ID. I sent her an image of my New Jersey driver’s license and (Ricci) gave her cell phone number to be texted for any questions.

On April 3, I contacted (Ricci) via text message and had no initial response. I emailed her to confirm the date of pet-sitting in NYC and I gave her permission to send me a text while I was in continuing education classes. On April 4, She texted, "wonder why you had to text this late. It’s not starting on the 6th anymore, the traveling has been postponed. You will have to start on the 14th." (Ricci) asked for the daily rate calculation and I gave her the daily charges of the dog care. I apologized and said I waited until her arriving back into the NYC. She inquired about direct deposit, I gave her my Pay Pal account initially. She said her boss did not accept that and insisted that the bank would need to pay me in that manner. I did not ask why and did not disclose the information because I did not remember any of the numbers. She doubled down quickly and requested my address, bank’s name. I gave her my mailing address and as well as the information of the personal bank name and its state that I used. She notified me that the check endorsed by her employer was sent and wanted prompt information once the mail was in my hands. During my class sessions on April 6, she texted me and wanted to know of the mail sent to my house. When I came home in the afternoon, I sent her a picture text of the mail by Fed-Ex and insured her that I will pick up the package first thing on Saturday morning, April 7. (Ricci) requested to pick up and deposit the check into my personal checking account on the day I received it from Fed-Ex. I told her I was unable to make the deposit that day due to video shooting upstate NY but will try to make the deposit on Sunday morning through the ATM of my bank. I was told the money was $200 for the advance payment to care for the dogs and $720 was for errands for the care of the pets. In total, I received $920 from an account holder of Berkshire Bank (A. Araujo from Newton, Connecticut). The location of the bank is in Pittsfield, Massachusettes. I did not consider the difference on the check nor gave it a real thought on what was going on, I was constantly busy with school or video production on the weekends. During the Saturday afternoon, I left the check in FED-EX package with my mother and went upstate to shoot a live video for an internet radio show. On April 8, (Ricci) pressed for me to make the deposit in my personal bank account and I assured her I will make the errands during the day. I notified (Ricci) of the deposit and was told that I will make errands the next day. The check that I deposited, I signed with my signature and account number.

During my class hours that Monday morning, April 9, (Ricci) inquired if the money was deposited in my account. I ensured her all business with banks are pending and posted at the end of the business day. (Ricci) instructed me to withdraw $750 and notify her once it was done because I will be getting items from the pet store with it. I gave her the amount of the money sent to me and advancement fee of $200 and asked if $720 to be withdrawn from my bank account. She confirmed it was the amount needed. During my session in class, (Ricci) had pressed to know if I went to the bank to withdraw the cash and wanted details of the transactions. I informed her of the bank errands at PNC, Newark NJ and then I was instructed to go to the nearest Wells Fargo bank in Newark, NJ to deposit into an account and name (M. P. Marrero) that did not match with the endorsed check sent to me. She instructed to fill out the deposit slip using the name, account number at Wells Fargo and using my address. I did not question why all these transactions were happening, the excuse giving at the time, her employer needed the money to be placed in this particular account for pet care. I sent her the image of the deposit slip, receipt and then was instructed to go a Walmart and purchase $150.00 gift card using my advance payment. I was ensured by (Ricci) that I will be reimbursed along with the agreed amount of money after the care of the dogs was finished. I made the purchase and (Ricci) requested a picture of the Walmart gift card. I was instructed to trash the card, in which, I did not. I kept it for my notes. I notified (Ricci) any business with the dogs must be conducted after my classes from 2 pm to 5 pm on Tuesday, April 10. (Ricci) contacted me again on Wednesday, April 11 and inquired about the amount that I have left. I informed of the amount deposited into the Wells Fargo account and gift card purchased. She calculated the amount of 870 spent and inquired about $50. I became alarmed, I confided with my professor and was warned I was being scammed. I left and went to my town’s bank, gave the explanation of how I became involved in this situation and was told that there was nothing to be done.

I went to the Wells Fargo bank, police station where the transaction was made and gave the same explanation. I was personally advised to close my account because of the account number and signature on the endorsed check. I banked online and saw, the $920 originally endorsed to me returned to the original bank. I telephoned PNC on Wednesday, April 11 about the suspected fraudulent activities and moved the extra money into another account. The next day, I personally visited my bank PNC closed down my check account and then proceeded to visit the Wells Fargo bank in Newark and Berkshire Bank of Lawrenceville, NJ to red flag the accounts involved. This is a very expensive class, I was scammed for $720-minus $150 Walmart gift card for a promise of a job. Although, I still have the Walmart giftcard.

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