Relieves Student Loans

Ebony –

Victim Location 95304

Total money lost $124.19

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

This company talks a good game about assisting you with consolidating your student loans but someone in their company will use your credit card information to pay their personal phone bills, mechanic fees etc. I called them to consolidate and they told me it would be 550 upfront or two payments of 300. So I initially agreed…We walked through going online and creating a FSA ID and I gave my initial credit card info for the first payment scheduled it for Oct 1 and the next day I had a Charge for 422.50 from a BMW dealer. I cancelled my card had another sent out thinking maybe it was compromised somewhere else. Called them to update my information and let them know what happened and the first thing out of the guys mouth is "It wasn’t us." Which made me suspicious but I went a head and updated my info…My account was charged the 300 as promised but when I contacted them to cancel because they weren’t doing anything. I got another two charges for 77.19 and 47.00 on my new card which no one else had access to…

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