Robyn –

Total money lost $280

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The product offers a trial and says they will send you a 30 day supply for the cost of shipping only. What is not stated is that they start a 14 day trial the day you place your order and if you do not cancel within those 14 days, they will charge you $140+ and put you on a recurring subscription there after.

Their terms on the site are hard to find and while it is stated on the terms, it is never mentioned in any email or phone conversation.

Two sites:



Latoya –

Total money lost $161.35

Type of a scam Online Purchase

FaceBook post "as seen on Shark Tank", promoting Canadian product. Free trial, just pay postage. You have to give credit card info for the shipping charge for the free trial. Up to that point, there is no information about subsequent purchases or shipments. I believe there was a money back, satisfaction guarantee. I can’t believe I would have gone ahead otherwise. I searched for the catch or the fine print, but silly me, I thought Shark Tank, Canadian product, free sample – marketing promotion to get the produce off the ground. I know, sounds silly now, but I had recently had a great experience with another Canadian company with a similar product, with great customer service, and was buoyed by that I guess. The products were terrible. One was too thick for a serum that was recommended for use on your eyes, and the second was a peptide cream that had an offensive odour. As soon as I saw the charge on my credit card statement I immediately emailed to have the account canceled and asked for a refund. I got an email back to say that the account had been canceled but nothing about a refund. Subsequent emails went unanswered. I phoned the customer service number and the very heavily accented representative said something like he saw that I canceled one product, would I like to cancel the other. I said I’d like to return the products for a full refund. He offered 30% I think. I said no, and after some back and forth he said he was not authorized to do that, so I asked to speak to someone else. I was on hold for a couple of minutes before he came back to say his supervisor was busy. I asked for his number and he said he couldn’t give that to me but would have him call me back. I said that my emails weren’t answered, how could I be sure that the call would be returned? He couldn’t answer that. He also said that I couldn’t return the product. Who doesn’t allow returns?

Jared –

Total money lost $8

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered my free sample April 12. Making sure to click on the No Thanks! to the other offers, assuring them that I didn’t want them even when asked again. The result……. I got Confirmation for Rejuvalogic

Anti Aging Serum

30g – 30 Day Supply$0.00



$4.94. …. That was expected and what I ordered. THEN….I receive 2 separate emails confirming charges of $5.95? (Huh?) for the Rejuvalogic I had ordered AND another of $7.69 for Rejuvativ (not ordered)……The order was sent within 2 hours and an email questioning the company has NOT been replied to! Talked to a rep. and was told I could return the product at my cost (The one I didn’t order) and they would reimburse the $3.95 shipping!! I have cancelled my Visa card since I have heard people have been getting huge charges for products sent out unrequested.

Martha –

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a trial for their face cream. The moment I clicked "submit" my phone rang; it was their customer service trying to upsell me on product. I declined and they got very rude. I asked them to cancel my order and they hung up on me. Within moments I received confirmation of my order (even though I requested it to be cancelled). Their email said I could contact customer service by responding to their email. I emailed asking them to cancel my order and call me to co firm. They did not. I received no reply. I emailed 2 days later and 2 days after that. I called today when my order arrived. I did not open the box, I called their customer service line to request a return. Not only was the gentleman on the phone incredibly rude but he also insisted that I had never spoken to a customer service person (I did within seconds of ordering) and their was no email address I could have sent a request to. This is a lie and proof of my attempt to contact them are attached. I have a return authorization number now but that only after a very long, heated discussion about how I did try to contact them numerous times. I requested my account be cancelled and no future charges be made.

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