Reeds Consulting

Cindy –

Victim Location 85283

Type of a scam Employment

This job claims to check the quality of businesses customer service. There was no number or name given on Craigslist. Doing some research, I found that the two websites associated with this "job" were registered a couple of months ago but one website says they’ve been operating since 2001. The address on the website shows up as a residential area on Google maps. Also, doesn’t exist and the registered info for it shows the person being in Connecticut.

Joy –

Victim Location 93722

Type of a scam Employment

"Customer Service Evaluator" position posted on Craigslist. No necessary work experience required. The website posted did not include contacts or phone number. The address listed for Reeds Consulting is based out of some apartments. After multiple online website verifications – the results were all the same: "Does not Exist."

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