Eugene –

Victim Location 78251

Type of a scam Employment

I was sent a text message by the number of 202-335-0622 that i was accepted for a position review the details on, as i clicked the link it had a video of a male explaining the position and the website looked very legit as if the people involved with this scam learned a bit of software coding, the sections are all neat and spelled correctly. I mistakenly typed in my name email address and phone number but it did not ask for my social security number which doesnt matter since these low lifes can still use that. on the same website it had a pdf file that showed RP CO is a domestic limited liability company and was filled 8/11/2016 it has the control number, ein number and the agents name and address. but as i mistakenly sent my personal info im taken to another page that shows a different address and website called redpcompany if you scroll to the very bottom the address shows office 174 , Haakon VII’s gate 6, 0161 Oslo, Norway and email address [email protected] and a bit above that shows to images of two people whom work with the comapny Karl Dousa and Michelle , so im a bit confused because this Christopher Riddle guy at 4751 Best Rd Atlanta ,GA has no phone number but a address i will research that address and call that business there or find out if he exists in that building. The compensation is a bit too good to be true for which is why i wasnt interested in the first place. the position is a logistics supervisor , ive seen this before but never this elaborate these people really took the time to plan this out and learn a bit of coding , i already placed a fraud alert on my credit and will contact social security to protect my info just in case they get froggy and want to jump! i wish i could provide more screenshots but only allowed to show one

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