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Krista – Mar 06, 2020

Victim Location 46545

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Purchase was made through A fraudulent charge was soon placed on card. Diane "Bruner" from [email protected] was in contact with me. A phone number was not listed in the contact’s page, but 855-204-0006 is listed under their privacy policy. Googling both the name and phone # return: ‘F’ rated company with same phone number:

<span title="… />

Complaints of hobby models website + "Bruner" name:

Another hobby models online complaint:

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Same phone # and PO box on this possible scam website (seems connected):

Email address from "Bruner" seems connected to this website:

(The one being reported)

All website have a similar layout. All seem to have a similar coupon code "FTBBxxxx". I suspect they all belong to the same people and are used to steal card information. "Snotty" business behavior often observed and reported (not professional business acuity)

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