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Rosa –

Victim Location 28124

Total money lost $95

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Ordered a "Reborn" Custom doll for $95 this November for a Christmas present for our daughter. First of all the doll did not arrive until Late January and then much to our disgust the doll arrived Looking NOTHING like the doll presented online for purchase. We are currently seeking a refund but are getting no where with the company BUYER BEWARE!!!!!

Candace –

Victim Location 54758

Total money lost $88.50

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Total scam!! I wish I knew how to shut this business down!! Spent $88.50 on a doll that reeks of paint fumes and looks like my infant son painted it. I ordered the cloth body and received a plastic one with no legs! Doll looks nothing like the photos!!! I told them I wanted a full refund. They told me they sent me the wrong doll as they were so busy during Christmas. They offered me $20 and an outfit. Hell no!!! I want a full refund! They have yet to respond. Ironically there is no place to leave a review on their site to warn others of their scam!! Their site specifically says full refund if they send you a wrong or defective product. I am beyond livid!!

Rose –

Victim Location 75142

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Online Purchase

They are selling dolls that are not what the website offers. The website offers real silicon dolls that are flexible and are like a realistic doll. On the website it also states that they come assembled. When the dolls came in… I pulled out a doll with arms, head and torso assembled but the legs were not attached, the paint job on the doll was poor and the clothes were cheap. The material that the doll was made of was a hard plastic. The doll had hair that was so messy she looked like she had been electrocuted. I have emailed the company with no response. I am afraid if I send them back I will not get my money back or the dolls.

Casey –

Victim Location 98052

Total money lost $247

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This website that sells baby dolls, that gives an address in Shenzen, has about FIVE other websites selling the same dolls with the same business address in Shenzen. There is no customer service phone number in which to contact them. After reading several blogs from TRUE "reborn doll" artists, they all say the same thing, these fake Chinese websites are copying their photo of a doll they made, and listing it for sale on their website. Many, many people have said that they never receive any dolls, and some receive a super cheap baby doll, nothing like what was listed. Each of these fake doll websites have different promotions, and different email addresses, but with the same baby dolls for sale, they just change a couple of the baby doll names. When I emailed the "so-called" company about their company address having so many different websites selling the same products, I didn’t receive a response until four days later. When I did, the English was so poor, I could hardly understand what they were saying and it had nothing to do with an answer to my email, they just re-directed me to go BACK to their website! When I paid with my credit card, it went through a company called faster pay, and I received a receipt emailed to me. The receipt said that I had made a purchase from a company called "" and when you try to go to this web address, it does not exist!! I actually made a purchase through their website called So this is clearly a fraud and a scam. I contacted our credit card company and they put the charge on hold. This company has made SEVERAL Facebook and instagram accounts, all with different websites, but same dolls and same business address! My purchase was through the doll website, not a website. So sad people can’t actually WORK for their money and they have to steal from others. I don’t know how they can not only feel good about themselves, but sleep well at night.

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