Red Ribbon Soda

Christine – Sep 09, 2020

Victim Location 65630

Type of a scam Employment

I saw the ad online about making extra cash on Facebook. I then got contacted via text. They sent out a check to me. I received a check for $3,200 from the Red Ribbon Soda company for a car wrap. They said you can make $500 a week for putting the car wrap on your car and they will send you the check to cover the wrap. They told me I’m not supposed to call them. I’m only supposed to text them. I got a text from them today saying they would report me to the FBI: "This seems to me that you want to run away with company money. While we have not heard from you. We will report you to the FBI and the local CIA. All of our conversation chain is being watched by the federal bureau. I have a cousin who works at the federal office. We will give you 24 hours to let us know that you have received the check."

I called the for help. I live in ******** *****.

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