Red Bull Car Wrap Scam

Darryl – Sep 30, 2020

Got a check last Thursday 24 of September in the amount of $ 2,600.50. Was told too put in my checking account and I was to keep $ 600.00. Deposited the check on Friday. Got a note asking me to send him back on Saturday $ 2,000.00 my bank will only let me send only $ 500.00. a day . Well I could only send that till Monday. Needless to say that now I was out of $500.00 plus $ 2,600.50 check bounce. I am a 71 year old young and not very happy women. Have file with the police . [email protected]

Brooke – Aug 20, 2020

all of the above – [email protected], 7258002079 check from newark,nj, fedex from electric company in phoenix, az – a text to phone offering 7 week employment – a 419 scam via phone text

Vincent – Aug 20, 2020

received text stating same issue as above, fedex enveope from electric company in phoenix, check from hudson newark, nj – email is from [email protected]; 7258002079 – when it stated deposit immediately and find when it will clear, 24 or 48hrs, that was the 419scam showing its face

Krystal – Jul 14, 2020

I saw an ad on Facebook about putting a red bull wrap in my car and they would pay me $600 a week , me and my fiancé entered red bull decal scam and sure enough it came up. They sent a check through Fed Ex and they sent instructions to deposit the check into my account keep $600 and send the rest to their installer. I started getting sketchy when the envelope was sent from some construction company and the check was from a Toyota dealership in Indiana , So I called the bank where the checked was issued from they couldn’t help me, so I called the dealership and they asked for the check number ran it and asked me the amount and I told them and they said they had made a check for another amount and it wasn’t issued to me, which on this check my name and address was on it. they supposed red bull representative sent a text to see if I got the check and said to deposit it, I sent him a screen shot of the article of the red bull scam and asked him if this was him, he denied it and said he would call the cops on me and I told him I had nothing to hide and that I would do him the favor and call the cops to come get his fraudulent check and if he wanted it, if he would give me the address and phone number and I would give to the police so they could give it back to him, he threatened to get the FBI involved and so I let him know the cops were on their way to come get the check and he didn’t respond after.

Bryan –

Victim Location 43015

Type of a scam Employment

I got texts from, the advertising department for Red Bull saying they were trying to get away from billboard and other old advertising. They wanted to take their product to the people. I was to receive $700 a week to wrap my car and drive it around. I filled out a short application. The instructions were for me to text them when I got the check, and they would email further instructions. Then I got a letter and a check for $3600 which I took to the bank and they shredded it.

Leslie –

Victim Location 43228

Type of a scam Employment

Wanted people to sign up to put a Red Bull sticker on your car for a period of time and supposedly get paid for it. The MMS was sent to my cell and also to 17 other cell numbers like mine (only last four numbers were different)

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