Red Health Products Company Limited

Kate – Oct 06, 2020

I bought car seat 93 dollars but they didn’t sent that and didn’t give me my credit back.what should I need do return back my money back.

Dylan – Sep 08, 2020

They operate under different doman- singousw.
But when I placed my order I have to make a payment to redhealth honk hong

April – Sep 08, 2020

I order a sawing machine back in July 2020 and no matter how many emails I sent to them I didn’t get one responds. They never send me my order.
When I checked there web side it was gone. It’s a scam …
Now I’m trying to get my money back and I filled claim with my bank
Hopefully they will be able to give me my money back.

Marc – Sep 05, 2020

They ripped me off 2 times. Lost over 200 and haven’t got reimbursed for it.

Bethany – Aug 25, 2020

I’d like to have my 122.99 put back on my PayPal or give me my [censored]in swimming pool. This is why online shopping sucks everyone is always trying to get over on someone and if I don’t get my money back I hope spending it gives you a lifetime of bad luck.

Kaitlin – Aug 20, 2020

I bought a swimming pool from them, never got a email or could get in touch with them. My credit card company wouldn’t reimburse me cause they said I didn’t have a cancellation email.

Steve – Aug 16, 2020

I ordered my son a DeWalt impact drill for his graduation gift from high school. I received a random package in the mail with some cheap piece of jewelry in it. When I tried to track the impact drill with the number that was given to me it came back to this cheap piece of jewelry. At this point I am not sure what to do. I have tried to contact the company and they told me to be patient that my order was still on the way. And I have emailed them two other times with no response. is there anything that I can do at this point to recoup the money I have lost.

Jaclyn – Aug 11, 2020

I ordered a vacuum cleaner for $99 on June 17 from red health products company. Never got it. I emailed them I got no reply. What can I do?

Christian – Aug 04, 2020

Scam out of 119.95 REDHEALTHWORLD

I too ordered a pair of jordans back in June i paid $119.95 for them all i got back os a pair of 99cent earri gs also. Very mad i dont know how to get my money back

Bobby – Aug 02, 2020

My son ordered a pair of Jordans from this website and after almost 2 months and several emails he received a pair of $1earrings. This is unacceptable and they need to be stopped and shut down.

Jason – Aug 04, 2020

Have you any clue to contact them other than by email

Joanna – Aug 01, 2020

Thot we ordered a pool from Home Depot for $120 June 23, 2020. Charge came on credit card of $121.19 on June 27th from Red Health Hong Kong. Filed a dispute with our cc comp. June 27th. Received earrings in the mail. We couldn’t find RH contact info. Called cc comp. again after finding all of these complaints and explained this along with some of these experiences. We are now filing a fraud claim and getting our money back and a new card #!

Garrett – Aug 01, 2020

Scammer’s website Red Health. Com

Scammer’s address Hong Kong China

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

We ordered an Intex Pool for $119.99 and charged it on our credit card. The charge has come out in the amount of $121.19. We also received a pair of earrings, but had no idea that they were from this company until I found this site. Earrings came from NY. We actually thought it was affiliated with Home Depot. We have put in a dispute with our credit card co., but they are asking for more information that we are having trouble finding, such as phone number and an official address other than Hong Kong China. We want our money back!

Mario – Aug 18, 2020

I also ordered a LEGO set for my daughter but got the same earrings!

Tanya – Jul 31, 2020

Also ordered the Friends lego set and got the earrings!

Cory – Jul 29, 2020

Horrible it sicken me to know people are scamming u at a time like this…they have returned every email as well…I just emailed them to let them know I reported them..

Chase – Jul 29, 2020

I ordered a pair of shoes that were 140…been returning my emails but no shoes…sent me so fake jewelry instead…they responds to emails as well…and respond on time as well…I ordered the new Jordans 3 months ago I’m very disappointed cause I’m a mom of 5!and works for her money

Lori – Jul 27, 2020

Back in May I ordered a double stroller for $99.99. It was close to $50 off retail so I thought it was a good deal without being too suspicious. Immediately after I ordered I realized it was coming from China. I needed the stroller within two weeks for a trip so I emailed to ask if I could cancel the order. When they emailed me back I was told it had already shipped and was given a tracking number. So I knew I would just have to order a stroller somewhere else and return this one when it came in or sell it. TWO MONTHS later I received my “order” it was not at all what I ordered but rather a pair of earrings they say is luxury but really isn’t. I immediately emailed to tell them and ask for my refund. They complained that shipping and returning would take too long and would cost ME shipping! So they offered a partial refund of a pathetic 30%. I will be disputing this with my credit card company.

Laura – Jul 27, 2020

Yes, a scam indeed. They offered a deep discount on Lego product; ordered; they strung me along with shipping number. Sent cheap piece of costume jewelry.

Oscar – Jul 24, 2020


Marisa – Jul 23, 2020

We need to commence a class action lawsuit against the company for fraud. Anyone else want to join?

Mario – Aug 16, 2020

I will definitely sign it!

Janet – Jul 27, 2020

I’d sign it!

Logan – Jul 23, 2020

I ordered a pair of sneakers since june six got some cheap [censored] earrings look like they where 99 cents I will pursue this matter

Rodney –

Ordered a inflatable water park for $119 on a Google Shopping ad. They sent me cheap earrings. I will contest with my credit card company.

Olivia –

Ordered a jogging suit and was sent earrings for women I tried calling company and they gave me the run around instead they sent me some crystal earrings they claim are the price of the shoes!

Derrick –

Scammer’s website Red Health Products.Com

Scammer’s email

Country Hong Kong SAR China

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I ordered a Graco 4 in 1 car seat from this company for $199.99, ($50.00 less than average retail price) and I thought it was a good deal. 60 days later I received a cheap pair of supposedly crystal earrings ( which aren’t worth 5 dollars )in the mail from them. How can this “company” get by with with ripping people off ? I am EXTREMELY upset with them

Claire –

Order a pool for 116 and got this.

Jaime –


Mark –

My 16-year old nephew convinced my parents to purchase him a pair of Nike shoes from this “company”. They’re not really computer/internet savvy, so they assumed this company was legitimate, yet mentioned yesterday that they were concerned about the whereabouts of the order as it was placed on 6-6-20 and still hasn’t been received. I did some research and found that this is 100% a scam. The first red flag should be a pair of $500+ shoes costing only $119 through the website. We disputed it through my dad’s CC company. I wonder if he will ever get the cheap pair of “luxury” earrings.

Carolyn –

Country China

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

I was ordering a pool and also recieved a cheap pair of earrings ! I want my 99 dollars back ! [censored] !

Christine –

Ordered a pair of Nike shoes back in May. Finally received an item the end of June and matched the tracking to what the company had sent me after me finally reaching out to them asking where my tracking was and my item. The item came from California and to my surprise a pair of “luxurious crystal earrings!” I reached out to the company and now they want me to pay shipping back to Hong Kong for the item to get a refund.

Natasha –

I ordered on the Nike website but months later I received Jewelry! I’m pissed. How are they that vulnerable. We need to file a class action lawsuit

Charlotte –

I had ordered a swimming pool and spent alot on it I want a refund on my order

Pedro –

Did you get one?

Shaun –

I spent $99 on a pair of Nike 270 Shoes and received a cheap pair of earrings. They offered to reimburse half and I declined asking for full reimbursement and they terminated correspondence. I’m very disappointed and would like others to know this company is a SCAM! They also wanted me to pay to ship the fake earrings back! They made the mistake, not me! They can pay!

Erica –

I ordered a bike on a website thT sold them about $100 cheaper at first I thought it was not a scam until I received a email saying that my Transaction was successfully and processed but a company called red health products 2 days later they sent me a email with the tracking number fast forward 4 more days i get a email saying my package was delivered in a mailbox. In my mind I was like thus must be. Mistake. Bike can’t fit in a mail box so I go to check my mail and I found a box inside was these fake diamond earrings PLZ DO NOT BUY ITS A WASTE ON MONEY AND TIME

Katelyn –

I got the same ones, and I ordered an Intex pool!

Curtis –

Funny that’s the same earrings I got when I ordered Nike Shoes! Pisses me off!

Katelyn –

I wish I had known what they were about before placing my order. I placed an order for a Fitbit Versa 2 and instead, I got a freaking ring in a box. From reading all of the complaints above, it looks like we all fell for the same scam. I will be filing a complaint with my bank and getting my money back. This is totally unacceptable!

Dominique –

It’s ridiculous that we can’t get our money back! I’m out $100

Jaime –

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

Initial means of contact Email

I ordered a pool for about 120.99 dollars and what I got was a pair of earrings and I’m really mad about it. I also didn’t receive no email no nothing till I asked when would I get my pool I’m really mad

Savannah –

I ordered an intex pool as well for $120 and I received my fake earrings and necklace today. The company they used was redhealthworld. I’m fuming.

Brandy –

I ordered a above ground pool & received earnings! Looks like we all got scammed motherFer’s. I will be filing clam with my financial institution where they pulled funds from & hope all of these reviews starts an investigation… Not happy all🤬

Clayton –

They look like this…

Cody –

Same thing and same earrings…

Sandra –

What did u do? Because same thing happened to me🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

Kayla –

Bull [censored]!

Christie –

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

Red Health Products Company Limited – June15, 2020
I was looking for an above ground pool. I found one on Targets sponsored sight. I ordered it, it was a huge hassle. They took the money from my account immediately. At the end, it kicked me out with no tracking #, phone # or any other way to contact…

Wesley –

What a disgrace I ordered Nike Jordans for my son on June 11th and I still have not received anything not even n email but best believe they took my damn money. I want my order or my $100 back This is unacceptable… this is just ridiculous and I would like it to b resolved ASAP

Ivan –

The site that we ordered from was actually a DeWalt site I thought it looked legit to me the heading on the site was DeWalt. We were ordering a DeWalt impact wrench.

Jeffrey –

Did you order from Nike? I did that’s why I’m asking. Let’s file a class action.

Kristy –

This place need too be reported and give the money that is due for no merchandise I am pissed off

Jesse –

I order a swimming pool and got a ring I need my money back

Geoffrey –

Bought a $99.98 stroller for my niece and rcvd earring in their place i thought i was ordering from Graco… turns out it was Red health Scam.

Jake –

I ordered a Intex pool from Red Health Company in June and I’ve already called my bank and filed a fraudulent purchase because of the reviews I have read about this website.
Today in the mail I received a fake diamond ring valued at 1,200+! I mean really.
The return address is Jamaica New York. I should know better that is a notorious area for Fraud.
Adding a picture of my so called “pool” which is a Fake Diamond Ring!

Eddie –

I ordered a Friends LEGO set on 5/23/20. On 7/6/20, I received this ugly, cheap pair of earrings. I will be filing a fraudulent claim with my bank.

Cassie –

I received the same earrings for shoes that I ordered…

Charles –

I received the same earrings 🤬

Colleen –

I ordered a Lego set for 69.99 5/26/20 on 7/1/20 I recieved a cheap pair of earrings. I contacted them and the email they sent said keep the earrings and they offered a partial refund for and untold amount. Said it was win win! This company is a scam! Be ware.

Erika –

The same thing happened to me! Ordered Friends LEGO set and got the exact same earrings.

Lori –

Win win?! LOL!

Robyn –

I ordered a pair of speakers on june 6 haven’t receive them no email etc

Jorge –

Scammer’s website

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Ordered a pool for 120.00 never received one. Don’t shop here SCAMMERS

Krista –

This is horrible

Mallory –

I ordered a f150 baby walker on May 25, 2020 and i received a pair of earrings on July 6th 2020. For 2 months i was contacting them and they sent me emails assuring my package was on the way. I requested a refund before the package arrived and they stated I had to wait until I received the order. I was rip off for $53.50 for some cheap earrings. this site is a rip off

Valerie –

I ordered shoes and got the same earrings. What did you do?

Summer –

I did not even get an email confirmation for shipping or delivery. I ordered a pool for $119.00 and now I know that I have been shipped the same thing as you. A ring from Jamaica NY with a price tag too high to be true.

Carmen –

Same here I order a pool and got earrings

Tyler –

Victim Location 73069

Total money lost $120

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a swimming pool from The payment company they used to scam me was Red Health World. They took $120 and sent me a fake diamond ring instead of my pool.

Angelica –

Unfortunately, I now confirmed I have been scammed. I see the same email sent to me exactly like the one sent to some of you! The bad news is, you really won’t know you’ve been scammed until after the fact when you see an email confirmation where you see which company charged your credit card. In my case, probably like some of you, I went on a website that I thought was a legit company from the US only to find out that I ordered from a company in HONGKONG!

Daniel –

I filed a complaint in!

Darrell –

Hahahaha! I thought I was special as I did not get any ring or earrings! Well…I received a pair of earrings today! Do not throw away anything, not even the box or envelope your package was shipped in. We can show this page to our credit card company when we dispute the charge!

Rebekah –

Sorry i got that wrong redheathworld is the scammer i thought it wanted my info

Shanna –

Scammer’s phone +19184484836

Scammer’s address 202 se 1st

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

I ordered a pool from intex pools for 119.00 got an email saing its been shipped and yall know it was a face ring this is a scam and redhealtnhworld knows about it to many people that is getting this same runaround and being scammed for many years what they cant fix that come on i want my money back.

Johnny –

My 12 year old daughter ordered shoes and 5 weeks later received cheap earrings. Clearly a scam, don’t have a lot of hope of getting a return or refund . A $60 life lesson.

Shana –

I let my daughter ordered a pair of shoes that she really wanted and found them much cheaper than elsewhere- first tip off that it was too good to be true- and like all the other victims received an ugly pair of fake diamond earrings a month and a half later. While the time past she was diligent to contact the company weekly regarding the whereabouts of her shoes and they always responded, they’re coming everything is just taking longer because of Covid. She is heartbroken and our $60.

Benjamin –

Scammer’s email mailto:[email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

My swimming pool never arrived to my house and l pay $119.99 dólares, that website is fake, but I need to know how cancel the transaction, I need my money back,?please help me

Tommy –

I order a pool n still have been this is injustice

Marc –

I ordered a Apple Watch for 79.90 and got a dimond ring in a box also that is cheaply made and the tag says 1,288.99 the the ring band is adjustable! Looks like we all got hacked guys and taken for our hard earned money! I will contact my bank today! I attached what I ordered and what I got I’m pissed to say the least!

Kristen –

I was looking for an above ground pool. I found one on Targets sponsored sight. I ordered it, it was a huge hassle. They took the money from my account immediately. At the end, it kicked me out with no tracking #, phone # or any other way to contact the company. And it’s listed on my card statement as Red Health Hong Kong!

Jack –

After purchasing an inflatable kayak on the 16th of June I had yet to receive it after a week or longer. I messaged the info email that was sent to me and they finally responded back with I’m sorry about the inconvenience. Well in that time frame my credit card info was hacked and I’ve had to close that down. I too will be making a fraudulent claim with my bank to see if I can get that money back.

Audrey –

Hi I purchased a pool for 119.99 and it says it was delivered today but when I went out to the mail there was a small box with the same tracking number. I opened it it was a diamond ring with the value of $1,688.99. I will be calling my bank and reporting a fraudulent claim.

Bryan –

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country Hong Kong SAR China

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

My girlfriend and I ordered a swimming pool from this company for $119.99. We have been excited about receiving the pool for two weeks. Today, I received a notice from the USPS saying that our package had arrived. I went to our mailbox and found a very small package.I opened it up and found what I’m sure is a fake diamond Ring. It says it’s valued at $1,288.99. I seriously doubt that it is. I called my credit card company and filed a fraudulent charge claim. I also emails the company back complaining and told them I want my money back.

Kristine –

I recently made a post, which had scammed me too. Well, look what I get, and this was not what I sent to buy. They were sending me a New York health network update. package came from (Jamaica, NY) address. I really don’t understand and the ring is fake and comes with a price tag of $ 1,800.98.

Micheal –

Looks like the one I just got scammed with too. Mine had a price tag of $1,288.99.

Bryce –

I ordered Air Jordan shoes from one website, then as soon as I entered my credit card information, I received a confirmation saying the payment will show from a different company than my order because it is the payment center. This company is called Red Health Products Company Limited. I never got the shoes, but earrings instead. I did not order earrings. $110.00 was scammed from me. I want my money back. Also, I tried to trace the payment back to my initial order and there is no tieback to anything. The website was a fake. How do we who are victims of this scam get retribution?

Daniel –

Same thing happen to me that’s why I am here I got a pair of earrings too and I ordered a pair of Jordan’s .. I’m so heated took over a month to get my item and was the wrong stuff

Lisa –

I ordered a Coach Belt bag because the website stated California looks legitimate . It turns out it was Red Health Company never heard of them before. Never got the bag only earrings. What the hell ? I’ve been emailing them with no luck so, today i’m filing a fraud claim. This sucks!

Nikki –

I sent a email to and told them red health is a scam they are registered as a business in Hong Kong business.

Melanie –

very true what you say, because I had already investigated

Zachary –

I have the issue I have ordered a over the ground pool, so the tuck my money from my credit card, I don’t have any information about the shipment, no tracking number, no phone number for the company, I am sure that is a big scam. I will report to credit card company to see if they can do something to get my money back.

Kaitlin –

you are right, it is a fraudulent page

Eugene –

What does sharing my experience help? We ordered a intex above ground pool from red health got a tracking# payment statement on cc shows globalccpay for the amount of said pool. And many email exchanges was told pool was shipped. Today after out tracking # showed package was delivered for said pool. We received a pair of fake a$$ ear rings. So now my first question what can be done?

Anna –

I wish i would of googled the bs website 😠 My daughter wanted a ps4 and found one on that site. So i order it about 10 mins place the order they took the money out and sent me a email.. Well 2 days ago i went to search for the website to see if a tracking number was updated and found they changed the website name was changed to Below is the email i received from red health products

Rosa –

I purchased a lego kit from on June 12. I received a “Transaction Confirmation” email, and a charge from “Red Health Products Company Limited” has gone through on my account. I have not yet received shipping information, much less the product. I just emailed [email protected] to inquire about the status of the order.

Joel –

[email protected] replied back that the item had been shipped, and provided a USPS tracking number. When that package arrived…it contained cheap costume jewelry, which is not even remotely what I ordered. Further, the website is now down.

So… and are scammers.

The unordered, unwanted package was shipped from China to me via “William” at 14905 177th Street, Jamaica, NY 11434-6211

Christine –

I have the order number, I say the product and the tracking number “” and nothing. I have already sent e-mail and nothing, and my question is what does Red Health Products Company Limited have to do with the Intex company where I made the purchase. But that was a scam, unfortunately

Marco –

I had ordered a pool on the 16th said i was going to get it within two to three days still have got it yet

Rachael –

I order the same pool called INTELS, and got an ups tracking # like this 9200190258803338796201 but that’s invalid ups because they always have a letter

Daisy –

I had the same response! I was purchasing a kid’s pool, too! My credit card statement listed the category as “groceries” What can be done?

Michelle –

Tried to purchase an inflatable pool with slide. Upon ordering, the system kicked out my order. No record of purchase or confirmation. But I found in a few minutes that Red Health deposited my money! No phone number to call to see where my confirmation was. Email address is bogus! No way to complain! They took my money!

Nathaniel –

Mines to. Did u get a ups# like this 9200192058803338796201. But usp always has a letter

Monica –

I never received the product I purchased and I’ve very dissatisfied with this

Preston –

same here . they shipped me some fake earrings .🥴😡

Randall –

I ordered a pool from a site that looked legit. Then when I made my payment it said error couldn’t be completed, So I went on my banking account to check if it went through and noticed a transaction pending for exact amount that said pool was. But the transaction was under red health company limited. I then sent them an email wondering what’s going on if I’m getting my pool or what. They returned my email saying that it will ship via ups in several days. I canceled my debit card so that if this isn’t legit they can’t get any more payment from me. I’ll give it several days to see what happens then file a fraudulent claim on them.

Adrienne –

Scammer’s phone 85221310888

Scammer’s website

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

Fake I need my money back

Taryn –

I ordered a pool, from, the charged me on credit card, no order number, got a email to contact, nothing, payment says with red health. Not sure what to do?

Jessie –

Same. Wondering if I’m going to get my pool?

Juan –

In in the same boat…I’m nervous we just threw away money.

Samuel –

I ordered a lego Porsche 911 rsr from the LEGO website. I have heard from your service site twice and it looks and seems legit. The last time I received a tracking number for USPS. When I enter the number It keeps saying they are waiting for the package to arrive. Where is the package coming from and is this normal?

Kristine –

I ordered a pack n play and have heard absolutely nothing

Grace –

Ordered placed and money gone with no order confirmation . Reached out via email with no response yet. I will give it 24 hours then filling dispute with credit card company.

Alexis –

did you receive what you ordered yet ?

Bridget –

Victim Location 43223

Total money lost $60

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I googled AF1 Nikes and the had the symbol for Nike and it looked legit. Gave them my payment information and the charge is pending but no date of arrival. So I called Nike and they never heard of them and the number I called from the website is a personal voicemail box, which is full.

Christopher –

did you get your shoes ?

Kristen –

Have you received anything yet

Suzanne –

I have the same problem what did you end up doing about it i think is a scam

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