Real Way Transportation

Charles –

Victim Location 27215

Type of a scam Employment

Guys, do not sign up for this job. Do NOT give them any form of identification. This is a scam. Keep the packages they send you. Do NOT ship them out. The woman I talked to was Susan Clark (alias). She had a bit of an accent. There may be other people working with her on the scam. They use fake names, numbers, and emails. You will NOT get paid for your work or services. I reiterate, at the end of your "probation" period, they will NOT pay you. Instead, you will be ignored. The offer did seem professional at first, but there are many inconsistencies. The woman on the phone stated they would pay 3,300.00 as opposed to 3,000.00. The letters you receive in the mail are from someone constantly trying to sign up for PayPal Credit. The person or people are constantly getting declined. They may be using your information to do so. DO NOT SHIP OUT THE PACKAGES. KEEP THEM. They will NOT pay you. This is a warning for anyone "working" for Real Way Transportation or realwaytransportation. Quit while you are ahead. Report them. Make sure they get exposed. As a fellow human being struggling, I don’t want you to waste your time and resources on them. Trust me, the person has been doing this for a while now. Make sure you receive their packages and keep them before confronting the person by phone. You can’t call them. They have it set up so that they can only contact you for the most part.

Nathan –

Victim Location 63033

Type of a scam Employment

This is the message used in email to contact me.


Your resume was reveiwed online and we are glad to make a proposition to you to join our international courier company

If you are still loking for a job and interested to get details you are welcome to follow the link and check the full job description.

We will contact you as soon as you complete your application

Jess Childs


1053 Sneath Ln apt A, San Bruno, CA 94066

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