Radiance financial

Shanna –

Victim Location 21201

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was applying for a loan to pay my bill. This company called radiant furnace call me back and told me to get in contact with them I spoke with a gentleman that said my application has been approved they obtain my email address and my account information. They contacted my bank and the bank had me verifyI my account so they could be sure the account was good. I was called back by a gentleman at a number 1 346-200-9461 who told me that they were going to deposit a check into my account and for me to go to the store and prepaid card and call them back. they deposited the money in my account within like 30 seconds and I went and I got the prepaid card and call them back with the number of the card They told me that they would deposit my loan amount with in 5 days this money was supposed to verify that this was a legitimate account bank account once I called them back with the card number I receive no I tried to contact them they said they would get back with me and the guy would call me back and I was telling them that my account has been frozen and I couldn’t do anything with my account until their check cleared. I received information from my bank that the check was honored by the company did not have money in the bank to cover the check so I ended up with an overdraft on my account my account was then closed out and I have to establish a new account. This incident his happened on November 7th around 6pm. The contact numbers I was given were 17135976133 and 18884268938 but the number that was in contact directly with me was 13462009461. The prepaid card was an EBay card. The card number was 7675021715. I lost 200 dollars which put me in deeper situation than I was already in.

Karl –

Victim Location 85635

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was desperate to get a loan and the scammer seemed so convinced he gave me an actual website gave me monthly payment plans apr and anything you should expect from a loan office he credited my account with 400$ and told me to buy eBay gift cards 200$ a piece and send them to him as a way to show that I was going to actually pay the monthly payment never having been given a loan before I made the mistake of doing so till someone told me about Scams involving gift cards and I came to this website and actually found reports about the same man as he introduced himself as Allen Thomas be safe don’t make the mistake I did

Kristin –

Victim Location 98409

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I searched online for a loan agency that would allow me a loan because I have bad credit. I signed up at radiance finance believing that it was legitimate and, never before having applied for a loan, thought nothing initially of the process.

Eventually the truth came out when I attempted to access my bank in app only to find out my account is locked. Long story short, I was led to believe this company or scam was legitimate. There was paperwork I signed electronically as well! The person I spoke with identified himself as Alon Thomas

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