Susan –

Victim Location 78254

Type of a scam Employment

This company posted a job on Indeed and reached out to me saying they had more available jobs that I qualified for. Of course coming from Indeed, I thought sure. They too had me believe that they were a Real Estate Agency however I became suspicious because my correspondence looked like it was typed – on a type writer. However thinking to myself – calm down. I filled out a application for employment. Then my so-called offer letter was in a more modern format. They offer you two weeks of paid training but only communicate very little and when someone by the name of Julia Mitchell (fake I’m sure) contacts you well you can tell she’s reading. Then she does not want to answer too many questions. The second letter you get tells you they have to verify your identity and DOB so they want a copy of your license or passport. This is where I stopped – called the number back, which is a What’s Ap #. They do not answer nor are they returning my emails once I said I don’t see their, "new soon to be coming into the area and need 50 slots filled", company showing on the BBB. Please spread the word!!!! They say they’re based out of San Francisco, California.

Edwin –

Victim Location 33578

Type of a scam Employment

They let me to believe they were a Real Estate Agency looking for a assistane, they had me do assignments and sign paper work as well, then a few days ago for the final assignment they stated they required me to take a payment from a client deposit it into my account and then take the money out to put it in the companys account luckly I didnt go threw with it because if I had the payment would have bounced leaving my account negitive. Plus all the emails that I sent out ended up comming back to stating this This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent has not yet been delivered to one or more of its

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