Regional Offices

Eric –

Victim Location 29812

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I had first the number from James Alexander call claiming he was a locator for Regional Offices and if my information was correct. He had my divorced last name, which was a clue something was off. Then he made it sound like I was in trouble and that he needed to authorize my account and had my last 4 digits of my social security number, leaving me to think this was real. He called from a beech island number, which was 803-265-3664 and told me to call 844-355-7002. I called that number and a very nasty lady answered saying I was being sued by Victoria’s Secret for fraud owing money on my account. I knew this was wrong since i just opened up my credit card and I have a zero balance. She had all of my personal information which is terrifying to me to know this is a scam. She had my number, my social security number and my last names. She didn’t let me ask questions, and I got the feeling this was a scam especially since I know my rights and you cannot threaten someone telling them we will be sued and I need an attorney. I am so sick and tired of these scammers and I really wish the government would do more about them. she ruined my whole day with these lies and threats and I want others to know that even if you have good credit, you can receive fraudulent calls claiming you are a bad person. I hope these names and numbers help and if you see them pop up on caller id, i suggest you not answer or answer and DO Not Let Them Threaten you and ruin your day.

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