Rayyan petroleum oil incorporated

Cara –

Victim Location 79356

Type of a scam Romance

The guys go on dating site and claim that they worked for Rayyan petroleum company. They say that they are over sea drilling oil. After a one month to two months of exchanging texts and phone calls they decided that they want to meet up. But both parties have to pay to file a emergency release from work fee.

After all information has been exchange the contractor employee is allowed to be leave for 30 days. Of which they disappear with your girls money and go on vacation. They ask for the funds to be sent via money gram which is the company they work with.

Names of the scammer use

are Cyril Tom Payne, ( who is online looking for a relationship in my case) Cyrill Douglas baker ( is on Facebook recruiting employee) and Chad Sinclair ( is the accountant) and the director is engineer West Thompson who receives the letter and forwards you to Chad.

Tom stated that he is from New Jersey but moved to Texas to take on this job in 2014 then sent over sea. He also stated that the company is base of Merkel Texas where he currently owns a house.

The company will hold 60,000 of his pay for his leave which is totally refundable when he gets back to work. Tom also stated that my money would also be refunded once he reached New York and they confirmed he is with me.

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