Ranch Brovo

Preston –

Victim Location 92586

Type of a scam Rental

Business has a web page which gives directions for a ranch type atmosphere with horseback riding on trails in the area of Hemet, CA. we drove to location and found know horses or a place to keep horses and no water like river or stream as indicted in the pictures. There is only abandon truck trailers at the Hemet location 46025 Stanley Road, Hemet , CA, 92544. We purchased the tickets for a horse ride and found nothing of a place of business. We did some research and found another previous location in Perris, CA. off of the 74 HWY. We also went to the business in Perris, CA and talking with a neighbor there was some sort of fall-out concerning the business 3 to 4 years ago. It seems this business does not to seem to exist and is advertised on a business called GROUPON. Never found business and called business with the phone number on Groupon and the person who answered did not want to talk and hung up on us. They seem to be collecting money as long as they can and then can continue to take money and provide nothing but excuses.

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