ray temple melisha johnson

Troy –

Victim Location 31216

Type of a scam Government Grant

ray temple sent me and email

that siade i was a winner facebook winner

he told me to send in $ 450 dalers though western union

it was for the fed ex to dlived the cash to the house

what ever i won he told me that he needed name address phone sex slavey

how much you make if your in a ouse or an apporment

i never did send in the money i talked to one of my friends and she told me have you had any money deliverd to your house

i told her no she told me to conact the anget right away she told me that she sent in $ 5 00 dalers and that fed ex deliverd her money to her in

in cash she text the number for more information so i sent ean email to ray temple he email me back saide check on your winner

he told me to send in $ 450 darles though western uion send it to melisha johnsonin kentucky i never did sent in the money

i thought it might be a scam email [email protected] the ph 972861245 i did called the number and it took me to a google


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