Reef debt collection agency

Darryl –

Victim Location 06450

Type of a scam Debt Collections

The person calling sounded *** *** saying he was calling from a debt collection agency about when I was in the emergency room they had a lot of the correct information from my old bills but it seemed odd right away every time I asked to speak to a manager they said they were busy and kept saying they will settle for less money went from 1000$ to 800 than 50 dollar payments if I paid today I kept fighting about it I knew it had to be a scam but they had correct info of the hospital and even had my last 4 digits of my social kept asking for my email address I kept asking for them to send me a bill they said they sent 19 bills finally I got them off the phone as soon as I typed in there number on the internet I seen a lot of people listed there number on the internet as a scam and all sights sounded similar to my experience please look into this number and get them in trouble they are *** *** sounding like they’re from *** or *** not to sound stereotypical they gave me a name Jeff foster no way that was his name

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