Ravenswood Dachshunds

Carlos – Nov 11, 2020

We had lost our sweet little girl in Feb and we check out dachshund puppies we called the man that had them we came all the way from Gretna VA. To get her he man was asking 600.00 for her. We called him when we got in t. N and he told us to wait and he would meet us some where so we did he had 3 puppies with him and some lady he told us when we got her and we did not get her papers then he said when we get her fixed he would send us her papers. So we had her fixed and I called him he never called me back so I sent him a letter and it was sent back to me saying return to sender. And mad I’m am very sick of this I want my money back and I will keep my sweet baby girl we us they will never get her back but you will send my 600.00 back or I will take you to court thank you you sorry [censored] you will get paid back. Barry and Faye Davis Gretna VA

Tonya – Oct 15, 2020

In Feb 2020 I lost our dear Dashund, and began looking for a new pet, found Ravenswood on line, responded to their website, first called and then email, they responded by phone, made arrangements to meet them outside Nashville which I thought was strange, no money exchanged until we met, the dog we had choosen was not brought, thet brought 3 other puppies, 2 were full grown and one that looked like 4 week or so, my grand daughter wanted a puppy so much that she picked out one that had bald spots on him a d urine stained hair, breeder said they were from puppy bites, he seemed so frail and scared, my granddaughter felt this puppy needed a home so we took him, he was so antisocial, chewed himself so bad that I immediately made appointment with my Vet Moyer Veterinary Hospital, he was Dx with sever malnution, anxiety disorder, and mistreated, and very lucky dog that we adopted him, his age, pet records and vaccinations, all false, I was so up set for the fraudulent of these people, I tried to call them and left voice mail, also emailed them with my thoughts, I did report them to BBB, it has cost me over a $1000 to get him in good health, he still is so afraid of things, put him on anxiety .med that help, he is finally beginning to be a family dog and we love him, we are so glad we got him out of that abusive environment, I now these people get years in prison for their abuse of dogs!

Lisa – Oct 24, 2020

They were busted back in June, how are they still selling these poor animals. They should not have access to any of them. This should be brought to the attention of the DA in Madison county TN.

Tyrone – Aug 17, 2020

Ravenswood Rare Dachshunds. Puppy mill Busted JUNE 20
If you have purchased a dog from this place please get ahold of me !

Jeffrey – Sep 10, 2020

I filed a report with the better business bureau back in March. We were looking for a new dachshund puppy and I liked several that they advertised. We agreed to meet them and they sent me an address. I told them that I would not pay for a dog ahead of time without seeing it in person to which they agreed but then they said they wanted cash. I thought that was odd. I responded that if I liked a puppy, I would then go to a bank and obtain cash to pay for it. I then told my children that I thought this was either a scam or people who didn’t know how to run a business but that I would expect then either to cancel or not to show. The day of the meeting they called to say they had a “death in the family.” I told them that I had already google mapped the address and I knew it was to a gas station and not a kennel and that I knew they were a scam. I also told them that I would report them. They said that I couldn’t report them as a scam because they had not taken any money from me and I said “that is exactly what a scammer would say.” They promptly hung up the phone. I reported this on another site as well. I am so glad they were busted but so sorry to hear about the condition of the dogs. I love dachshunds and all dogs. No one should ever treat an animal that way!

Martha – Aug 16, 2020

So my boyfriend and I bought a puppy from Ravenwood dachshunds back in February, we had been scammed out of 200 dollars about a month before so I was already pretty skeptical anyway. So we made a plan to drive over 2 hours to get a puppy. We had given them four or five choices of all female puppies, I thought I was dead set on getting a girl. We were told to bring 700 cash and we would be meeting them at a truck stop. Told us we would be getting a puppy pack the dogs registered paperwork and that the pup would be in great health. Well they finally arrived the older gentleman was driving and older lady in the passenger seat. She picked up two or three pups all of which were dogs we had not chosen. I was a little upset because I had my heart set on a blonde little girl, all and I mean ALL of the puppies stunk so bad or urine i nearly threw up. Anyways I had been wanting a puppy for months and wasn’t going to leave without one that day. So one little silver boy stuck out and was the only one that wasn’t crying or quivering from fear. So we gave the man 700 and took Bentley home. We were escatic we finally had a puppy. Bentley did fine on the way home little scared and stunk to high heaven. We had to keep the windows down all the way home it was terrible. We just thought he pottied in the car with other puppies. We get him home and took him to the vet. He had worms so bad and had a terrible cough and sneezed like crazy and bloody stool. His shot records had to be copied on to another booklet and the original one stunk so bad we had to throw it away. Along with anything else that came from Ravenwood. Other than that he was fine. A few weeks go by and I emailed Ravenwood about his registry papers and they said if we changed his name it would take a few weeks, we had no idea how that process worked so we thought they were being truthful. Never got a response from them after that. Another couple months go by and since we ended up with a boy we wanted to get him neutered. The vet said his testys hadn’t dropped give him a little while longer and we would go from there. To this day he’s 8 months old now his testys are still in his stomach and has to have surgery or it could cause cancer. All of the people on the scammer website with boy pups are having to deal with the same issues. Needless to say I hope these people pay. Bentley is happy and healthy but has severe separation anxiety and does NOT like older men. I can’t imagine how awful the other puppies were found. ALL of the people involved should be ashamed and be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Its not the point we were scammed out of hundreds and hundreds of dollars its the fact these people are awful and should be punished. Here is a picture of our happy, healthy, SPOILED little boy.

Sandra – Aug 14, 2020

Hello everyone who has made a purchase from Ravenswood we would like to hear from you please email us your story at [email protected]

Savannah – Aug 11, 2020

Back in March we were looking for a mini for my daughter. We lost one a few years back and always knew we wanted to add another back to our pack. We have 5 dogs and love them all so much! My daughter was going back off to college and wanted to get a pup during her summer home, and since COVID had struck, we knew we would be home all the time to get him all puppy trained. Since it was COVID, we agreed to meet at a gas station in Holladay, TN. (Which I would never do because you always want to see the condition of the kennel and parents) Cue the nightmare. The old couple met us with 3 pups…none of which were the pic of the dog we wanted. 2 seemed to be full grown and bald spots everywhere, with what I now know was the mange. The other little guy was much smaller and said to be 8 weeks and vet confirmed that seemed correct. I did not feel at all comfortable with the sale, but honest to God I could not drive off and leave the precious little fella. Leaving the other two has haunted me since. I did report to my vet and later found out that our little Alfie did come from this horrible hell hole they called Ravenwood. This place was verified on puppyfind.com and all looked so overwhelmingly legit. Website was great and all their pups looked beautiful. His first month home with us he started going to the vet. Blood in his stool, worms severely, lung infection, coughed and sneezed for months. His testicles also never dropped and we had to have extensive surgery to get them out of his abdomen. They were the size of a rice grain and the doctor said it was the most difficult neuter he had ever done. He had to go home on morphine! We found out through a lady at my daughters gym that in fact he came from the monsters that called themselves Ravenwood Dashschunds. Criminals! They found over 600 pups there in the most inhumane conditions. I will turn over all his vet papers to whomever is doing he prosecution. They deserve the harshest of punishments! They apparently got busted back in 2003 and were ordered to not have animals for 10 years. I’m sure they didn’t abide by those rules. Long story short, Alfie is the happiest, most loving, human friendly puppy in the world and has overcome a lot! He is our little trooper and I would have taken him again 1000 times over. He is our little rescue baby and we will give him the best possible life we are able. I pray they take these old monsters straight to a cell and leave them there to suffer the way they made these precious little furs suffer.

Jillian – Aug 11, 2020

Please tell your story to Guardians of Rescue, they are collecting evidence. These people were indicted yesterday. I got one of the pups also

Carrie – Aug 10, 2020


An indictment has been handed down for the three perpetrators of the Madison County, TN puppy mill horror house which we told you about previously. Along with our rescue partners, we removed all of the dogs from this hellhole.

George Andrew Doyle, Tabitha Doyle (a.k.a. Tabitha Nicole Webb) and Sandra Webb have been indicted, alleging hundreds of counts of cruelty to animals and a single count of tampering with evidence.

We are asking everyone to please share this post widely. If anyone has purchased a dog from these individuals—they sold Dachshunds. Dobermans and Shar Peis—Guardians would like to hear from you.

It’s very important that we all share this information to locate people who have had experience buying a dog from these people. If you know someone who got a dog from them, please ask them to contact us.

Some of the websites they sold dogs on are:
PuppyFinder.com, and Ravenwood Rare Dachshunds

Anyone who dealt with them can reach us at Guardians toll-free number 888-287-3864 or they can email us at [email protected]

Let’s spread the word, because…

together we stop them,
Together we save them,


Kathryn – Aug 06, 2020


If can’t open this link, go to wbbjtv Jackson tn, these people were indicted. Look familiar?

Corey – Aug 15, 2020

Yes that is definitely them in the picture on FB.

Jessica – Aug 03, 2020

My husband and I drove almost 5 hours to get our puppy. It definitely wasn’t the puppy we saw on the picture. He smelled of urine. He cream color was yellowed from pee stain and his tail had very little fur on it. We questioned the man about his age but he kept insisting he was 12 weeks old. We knew better. The puppy had all his adult teeth. I knew it wasn’t the puppy we were expecting but I couldn’t leave him. I gave the man $400 and we left. The older man and woman met us at a gas station off the interstate. They were late but called and said they were on their way. My Wiley got very sick and threw up on the way home. We stopped at a gas station to clean up. When I sat Wiley down-he drug his hind legs as if he couldn’t walk! I took him to a vet care clinic as soon as we got home. He never stood for the vet but all test showed he was okay except for a bad ear infection and dehydrated. And the vet said he was older than the 12 weeks. The vet suggested we bring him back or see a vet in a few days. She didn’t think the shot record authentic. I gave him a bath, food and water and he did take a few steps. He didn’t bark but would howl when he was left alone. That’s how we came up with the name Wiley from Wiley Coyote. He was Beau on the website. I tried to contact them again but no one ever answered or returned my calls. I love my little Wiley and he is fattening up and doing well. He does have issues with his belly, his vision, and he doesn’t like being left alone. I have an older mini and they do okay together but Wiley still follows me everywhere. If I sit he is in my lap. If I go to another room he’s not far behind. If I leave the house when I come home he greets me dancing on his hind legs, grinning and showing his teeth, and as soon I pet him he pees everywhere. He still isn’t good with other people, he just barks and barks. He seems to want to get closer to them but afraid at the same time and he pees when others try to pet him. He’s my baby and I love him dearly. The people who were supposed to be raising these puppies need to pay for mistreating them and using these babies for a means to make money.

Kayla – Aug 02, 2020

We got our baby girl at the first of May. They met us at the truck stop saying because of COVID they weren’t allowing anyone to come to their home. We understood that and agreed. After driving 5 hrs we get a phone call that they are running late but will be there. They told us they would mail her papers to us because of us changing her name. (We didn’t know how that was done so we believed them) She smelled horrible and had feces all over her but we thought that’s ok she’s been in the car with the other pups and accidents happen. 5 hrs to get back home and we find she has bloody diarrhea (I called and text “Alexis” with no return text or call) and we were scared to death she’s sick and dying. We take her to the vet had her checked out and nothing was found as to why she had the diarrhea. Thinking it was her being nervous because of the change we waited it out and changed her food. She did stop and so far she seems healthy and is active. Obviously she’s not registered like we were told…we love her dearly and it doesn’t matter to us it’s just the whole principle of being lied to. The picture with the white background is the one from their website.

Karen – Jul 31, 2020

I purchased a puppy from then in February and met the same older couple at a gas station also. When I walked up to their car the puppy she had in her lap was way bigger than 12 weeks old that she had said he was. I hesitated and his color was almost a yellow color not a cream and tan like the picture of the one I picked out. I commented that he was bigger than I thought he would be at 12 weeks. So she reach in floor board and picked up another puppy that was around 7-8 weeks old. So I took both back to my vehicle to let my wife see them. We picked the little one out. They today us he was a silver Isabella piebald. We brought him home had him vet checked and the vet said he was age they had told use. I usually wait till my puppies are 6 months old before I have them spayed or neutered so at 6 months his testicals hadn’t dropped. So we scheduled his surgery and with covid19 it was done July 21. They had to do exploratory surgery to find them and only found his right one which was caught up in a hernia that wasn’t showing. The vet couldn’t find the left one. I have contacted them several times about his paperwork but no reply. I wouldn’t take anything for our little guy whose name is Dexter DoLittle and only weighs 8lbs but eats really good. Vet said he is a true miniature daschund and with his color and two blue eyes is somewhat rare.

Victoria – Aug 11, 2020

Same exact thing happened to us! Bloody diarrhea and the whole nine yards. Horrible case of worms and lung infection. Surgery was the hardest case our doctor ever had and his testicles were the size of rice grains! We couldn’t love the little guy more and know we literally saved his precious little life.

Gabriel – Aug 06, 2020

When I asked about a certain puppy, they tried to suggest 2 others “they had good temperament ”

Cole – Jul 31, 2020

I got my dog they same place, same way. First of January, drove a little car. Pandy has been fine, checked out at vet and had her spayed. But she is now showing signs of alopecia. Did research, she’s a silver Isabella and dachshunds are known for this. I live very close, within 15 miles of the place that got busted. I have worried about those babies and I may have one

Heidi – Jul 26, 2020

Around the first of April, I first contacted Ravenswood Dachshunds. I left a message and later that day someone texted me. I asked about a specific puppy and was told she was available. We agreed that we would meet at a truck stop near Holladay, TN. I didn’t think anything about it because it was the beginning of the COVID craziness. I handed over $700 and this couple in their late 70s gave me the “whisky dapple” puppy. She was bigger than I thought she should be, but they said she was three months old. The pup was terrified, filthy, and had a big bald place on her back. The man said that she had had an accident with a fence post and the hair was already coming back. I almost asked for the money back, but the puppy looked so sad and scared that I couldn’t. I got her home, gave her a bath, and began trying to calm her. Two weeks later, she had a vet appointment. The vet told me that my 7lb. sweetie was not 14 weeks old, she was closer to 8 months old, she had worms, her hair loss was from folliculitis, and probably had not had any shots. She was scared of everyone but me so we figured that she had never been loved on or socialized. I already loved her, but was mad that someone had lied to me. I called and left a message saying I wanted to speak to them about a puppy. They never answered on consecutive calls nor did they call me back.

Renee – Jun 22, 2020

We got our dachshund from them in Nov. 2019. I called and left a message and was Texted back answering all the questions I had. I asked to see pics of the parents. Which they provided albeit they looked like a picture taken of a pic on a computer monitor. They gave me an address. It turned out to be a gas station not their house. Our pup stank like urine for about a week and a half, even after several baths. we had him checked out by our vet and he looked healthy and fine. We had a DNA test done and it showed he was full dachshund going three generations back. About a month later we were talking about getting him neutered and noticed his testys still had not dropped. The vet said we could wait a little while longer to give them time to drop. A couple months later they still had not dropped. We took him in for surgery to remove them except they couldn’t find them. After two vets checked they couldn’t find anything and closed him up. I called the number still in my phone for Ravenswood dachshunds and no answer. I text them asking if they possibly neutered their pups at 10 weeks or so. Nothing, no response at all. Our Vet suggested we get a testosterone test. We did and it turns out he has very low testosterone. Indicating he was either neutered very young (under ten weeks) or he was never born with them which is very rare. (1 in 10K) We love our pup and he’s a good boy but I wouldn’t buy again from them. I think we had puppy fever and maybe looked past some of the red flags that are now more obvious.

Aimee – Jul 01, 2020

Yes! These are the same people that were busted in the 60p dog puppymill raid in Tennessee! Please email [email protected]
With any pictures, vet records, and testimonies for more evidence against these people!

Evan – Jun 22, 2020

Here is a pic comparison of our pup and the pup available pic. The top is off the Ravenswood dachshunds site.

Hector – Jun 22, 2020

So there was a big puppy mill bust over the weekend not to far from this em area with around 600 dachshunds. Not sure if it’s the same people or not. My wife was doing some detail comparisons and our dog is not the same dapple that was listed in the pic on the site.

Ross – Jun 22, 2020

Ours hasn’t dropped either, I think he was neutered early. The vet said he couldn’t find his either whe. I was feeling for it, but saw no scar. We love our pup, but I wouldn’t buy another one from them.

Candice – Jun 21, 2020

no they meet you at a store and wont let you come to there house. the dogs are scared to death and stink to high heavens. we got one from them in November.

Kimberly – Jun 02, 2020

Victim Location 37919

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initially I contacted them about potentially purchasing one of their puppies that I saw online. Once we were emailing back in forth, as I could never seem to speak with them in person, I informed them that I would not purchase a puppy without evaluating them in person. At first they seemed agreeable, but it took a lot of coaxing to get a location from them for a meeting. Two days before the meeting, "Alexis" sent me an email stating that they had a cash only policy for purchse of their puppy. I informed them that only after I had seen the puppies, and if I selected one, would I then decide about going to the bank to withdraw any cash. Now I was really starting to doubt they were legitimate. I informed my son to expect either a no show or a cancellation on their part because I wasn’t telling them what they wanted to hear. In the meantime I google mapped the address they sent and they were sending us to a truck stop. The day of the meeting they emailed to say they had a death in the family and couldn’t meet. I tried to call but of course they did not pick up so I text and got an immediate response. I told them that I knew they were a scam and they said that I couldn’t call them that since they had not taken any money from me. They may not have taken any money from me but my chiildren were upset and I know there are others out there who are not as wary as I am. This should not be allowed to happen.

Chelsea – Apr 30, 2020

Victim Location 38641

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My husband and I love weenie dogs! After losing two in one month a year ago, we were finally ready to get a new one 🙂 We found this website and the dogs were so pretty! We made a list of the pups that we were interested in and sent an inquiry to the email listed on the site. The woman who answered said they had 3 of the 6 that we were asking about. The next day, my husband met an older gentleman at a gas station about 50 miles from our home. He said all 3 looked sickly. Two of the pups were missing patches of hair and the one he chose was dirty and very skinny. Once home, we bathed the pup and began fattening him up. We started noticing the next day, the puppy had blood in his feces. After sever days, we took him to the vet praying it wasn’t the parvovirus. With papers in hand, the vet told us our 3 month old puppy was around 2 years old. His papers were fake and the owners haven’t responded to our calls or emails. I love this puppy, but when you spend $400, you expect to have a well taken care of “pup”! I fear that these folks are running a puppy mill and need help stopping these people. Please beware of this pngage!

Meredith – Jun 22, 2020

To answer Scott mast. Wildersville TN is where I met them. Tiffany fox was the name I was given from the woman responding to my texts.

Kari – Jun 03, 2020

In what city is this? Did they not allow you to pick up from the breeder address?

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