Raised Home Dog

Andre –

Victim Location 34951

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We have been looking for a French Bull dog to purchase. We looked on lots of sites, then RAISED HOME DOG site came into view. We looked online at the beautiful puppies this person has for sale quite a lot less than other sites. I filled out the online questionnaire and heard back from a person named ARISTIDE JUNIOR very quickly. He made it clear he wanted the money ($950.00) sent in via GOOGLE and that there was to be no comments or anything written in the Google payment. That made us start to question things. The site states they are AKC puppies. I went on the AKC site with the info I had. There is no such company or person listed. I emailed Aristide and said I had gone on the AKC website and that I could not find his company, and asked if it was maybe under another name (giving him the benefit of the doubt). I have yet to hear from him again, after hearing so quickly about the money for the puppies. We believe this to be a scam and hope the ScamPulse.com can get him off the internet and maybe behind bars. It is sickening to think people are out there using most likely false pictures and falsifying so called testimonials. I have the emails if you need them, please let me know. Thank you for your time.

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