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Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

DO NOT enter into a membership with the Club Solaris Cancun/Los Cabos timeshare promotion. It is a big scam and LOTS of HIGH pressure.

The 90 minute presentation turned into 6 hours.

Each time I said no, I was offered a contract membership for a shorter duration.

Three different sales people worked me hard.

After 5 hours, I finally said OK to the 3 year "trial" membership, 2 weeks hotel room per year because I was exhausted and the cost seemed reasonable.

After I signed the contract, I read it in full in my hotel room. Hah! The contract is ONLY for the hotel room. You will also pay $940 dollars beyond contract for "administrative fees."

When you return for your 2 weeks stay, you MUST also pay extra fees for all -inclusive. You can’t just cook yourself or eat elsewhere. The all inclusive fees for those 6 weeks were up to $131 per person, per day! If you come alone, you also pay an additional $30 per night beyond all inclusive fees. Blackout weeks included Christmas, New Years, February and March! They verbally tell you they will discount the all inclusive fees, but the contract a says anything verbally told you during the presentation is NOT VALID.

You have 5 days to cancel, but you need to do it AT THE headquarters! Thankfully, I was still in Cancun and could go to the Club Solaris business room in person. The cancel experience was very stressful. I was threatened that I would have to pay more money immediately because I broke the member contract and I was staying there. I had to speak to at least 4 people and be really firm that I wanted all my money back on my VISA while I waited.

Ultimately, I got all money back on my VISA.

Don’t do it just to save money to stay at this resort. Pay the full fee and enjoy yourself without severe stress. The hotel is very nice.

I hope this helps even one person avoid what I just lived through.

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