Phil Loan Financial Services Reviews - Phil Loan Financial Services Scam or Legit

Jonathan –

Total money lost $2,500

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Will tell you everything you want to hear about getting the loan. Will lie to you telling you that if you pay this fee you are 100% guaranteed will get your loan. If you don’t get your loan I will pay back your fees that you have paid. All lies. I started this loan transaction with this person on December the 6th, 2018 for $10,000.00. I kind of expected to pay about $1000.00 for an unsecured loan with no collateral. Well, very sneaky this guy is telling you he is not a scammer and he is not like the others that you have experienced he will say anything to get your money. I did not have to pay that amount that there was nothing to worry about instead you will be nickeled and dimed to death. Paying for transfer fees, paying for money laundering anti-terrorist fee, the fees list goes on and on. To this date which is now February the 28th, 2019 I have paid out $2500.00 in fees for a loan that I have yet to receive. He is good at making you feel like you will get the loan he is very smooth and when you are desperate you will fall for it. DO not fall for this!!! You will get nothing but high blood pressure and a whole lot of stress and come out of it further in debt then when you started.

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