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Alana –

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My husband answered the phone September 4, 2018. When he was getting confused about finding his wallet he said our account had been compromised and there were two suspicious charges that went through. I got on my husbands laptop and continued with what he was trying to do. This is at 9 am. He had me download a program which allowed him access. I then signed in to my bank account and sure enough there was a charge for $1100.00. He told me the $300 charge was cleared because it happened in Canada. The other bigger one was iTunes us so it would be harder. He left several times to see what he could do. He had me repeat numbers and letters back to him. Finally he said they could refund $500.00 or $2100.00 and I would have to give them $1000.00 back. I got kinda irate and told him I wouldn’t do that. He then turned my camera on and told me I was beautiful. That’s when I got suspicious. The call ended about a minute later. He said his name was Mark *** ID 4536. I have changed passwords and accounts and have had not had any negative problems yet but he may have my picture and voice.

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