Palmetto State Associates Reviews - Palmetto State Associates Scam or Legit

Bryce –

Victim Location 32164

Type of a scam Other

Received a phone call, on my cell, from this number; When I called back, someone answered, but didn’t speak; I called again, and was informed by “Casey” that they represented QuickPay in legal action against me due to defrauding QuickPay in 2011. They knew my physical address in 2011, and said they had an affidavit from my bank, Bank of America, stating such. I’ve never heard of QuickPay, and when I called Bank of America, they explained they don’t give out those types of documents. I’ve never had any type of legal action or affidavits against me. When I called back asking for their office information, as the closest thing to “Palmetto State Associates” I could find online was a real estate managing company in South Carolina (where I’ve never lived), I was rudely talked to, told I could “tell the judge”, and wasn’t given any information.

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