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Melody –

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Paul sent me a message of interests through He wanted to purchase several of my paintings. I wrote to him he can pay through my on-line store with his credit card. He insisted on giving me his credit card number and shipping through which is a scam company by checking up on the internet. As I was quite aware of the possibility of scam, I have avoided being victimized. Here was the last email received.  "Hello ***

Sure you are in the best of health and conditions? Pleased knowing that everything regarding the payment option to successfully process my credit card manually would be sorted out by you though please can you confirm to me the name of the merchant/credit processor you intend using for charging my credit card? And hopefully we should have many smooth and successful transaction between us, as i am truly fortunate to be considered as one of your collectors and it is my greatest wish to have your artworks delivered to me soonest and also build on a strong and lasting business relationship between us as well.

Well regarding shipping like you know since i was also looking for the best option of shipping from my colleagues who have shipped internationally in the past and i have great news in regards to the shipping and customs charges/clearance after discussing with my colleagues irrespective of your findings i was told i would even pay huge custom charges but if we use EXPRESS PARCEL SERVICE, their charges includes shipping packages such as packaging, handling e.t.c custom charges/taxes and also all necessary clearance, bringing to your notice Singapore customs is one of the most difficult in the world to deal with and if the paintings are not shipped properly and accepted by the customs officer down here, they could be seized or destroyed. Customs duties in Singapore is very strict, expensive and all. Hence i need to be certain the artworks would be delivered to me/my shipping address without no issues, so to avoid all of those potential charges here is their direct contact email address:([email protected])

Ensure you provide them with these exact information’s i.e the full pick up and delivery address plus zip-codes respectively, also the weight and sizes of the artworks, he also said the Courier would do the packing, packaging and handling themselves so basically you do not need to move a finger as all would be done by them.

Hopefully this first transaction can go smoothly and i have my first set of artworks delivered to me safely and soonest, also I should be interested in purchasing some other artworks from your collections in the nearest future, also i have some great news after showing my colleague images of artworks i am purchasing from your portfolio he was fascinated and will like to purchase from you as well, can I send him your direct contact email address for him to contact you? Ensure you contact this courier service as soon as you have the required information’s so they can provide us with the shipping quote and also we know how to proceed and hopefully we can conclude on this transaction soonest.

Kind Regards.

PS: Once again, here is my full shipping address plus zip code 03-54 equatorial apartments, 52 Meyer Road (437875) Singapore

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