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Tina – Jan 31, 2021

I was setting up a new tv with Amazon Alexa capability requiring entry of a code from the tv on my Amazon account. The tv says to go on, but I ended up linking to some official-looking, but not real (in retrospect), Amazon site that asks you to enter the code. Of course, the code doesn’t work and you have to call a phone number on the same website to activate. Stupidly, I allowed them access to my Amazon account to activate the tv, which he did. But then he said I needed to pay for an Amazon account upgrade (special “lifetime membership”) for multiple devices. He charged me $160, but then emailed me very non-official Amazon documentation for the payment and told me I would be refunded for the charge in July. The guy with a heavy Indian accent said his name was Paul Harris. Documentation was from Assured Guard Corp. now, the next day, they’ve called me again several times to see if my Amazon account is “working.” (I changed my password right away yesterday and for good measure cancelled my credit card.) Today, I demanded a refund by mail… which I’m sure will not arrive, but anyway.

Barbara – Dec 11, 2020

I paid $349.00 to clean up my computer to Assured Guard Corp.
My computer is worse sine they had access to it. They offered to fix it but I don’t trust them on it. I want a refund My cell 508-414-3948

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  1. Assured Guard is not a reliable company. I called in to get help setting up an old Playstation 2 and at the end of the call, Paul Harris, the customer Service Rep. asked me if I wanted to purchase a 2 year Amazon Prime membership for $179.99.
    Paul shared with me that the membership would begin February 1st and I would need to pay the monthly Amazon Prime membership until then.
    When February rolled around, the membership did not kick in. I ended up paying, again, the annual Amazon membership fee directly to Amazon.

    The whole “February” ploy was just to buy them time to rip off more people. The phone number 405-592-4474 is now disconnected.

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