Nora Boston Terriers

Micah – Oct 24, 2020

Talked to a gentleman twice to get more info on puppy and shipping costs. Sounded legit. Asked for pmt via Am Express which I didn’t have. He then told me to just get Am Express gift cards, photograph front and back and email the pictures to him. A manager at CVS told me it had to be a scam and he was right. He saved me $750

Grace – Sep 02, 2020

Victim Location 95758

Total money lost $750

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The scammers Nora Boston Terriers pretends to be an American Kennel Club registered Boston Terrier breeder. There seems to be two parties in this scam: the alleged "breeders" and a "shipping company" called "Speed Point Carriers." Due to each parties’ level of English, Nora Boston Terriers are likely native English speakers while Speed Point Couriers are foreign, likely Indian.

The "breeders" will contact you via phone or email after you fill out a contact form for one of their puppies that don’t exist. After they ask some questions about your pet experience and tell you of all their pet breeding procedures to bolster their facade, either Valentin or Lisa will ask for payment via Cash App or money transfer for the imaginary puppy. Once they receive payment, they will then get you in contact with the "pet shipping company."

The fake shipping company Speed Point Carriers, a man with an Indian accent, will call you on the phone to confirm your details and ask to read a poorly formatted email to confirm an agreement when he is actually forming a profile on your voice to later attempt to steal your identity. He will then tell you that you need to pay for a specialty "pet transport crate" that costs $1,000-$2,000 and claiming that crate fee will be refunded. He will ask you to pay via American Express Gift cards since they are untraceable, making them ideal for money laundering.

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