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Anna – Oct 03, 2020

noir box más como el sitio de estafa SCAM BOX 10/10 Pedí productos de este sitio y gasté más de 450 dólares en este sitio web.Ha pasado un mes y todavía no recibí ningún código de seguimiento de entrega o actualización de mi producto cuando les envié un correo electrónico. simplemente responda diciendo por favor espere 2-3 días hábiles, bueno, solía enviarles un correo electrónico todas las semanas con respecto a una actualización de mi pedido, pero todavía recibía el mismo correo electrónico.Quiero denunciar este sitio web y demandar al propietario y quiero que me devuelvan mi dinero mi correo [email protected]

Donald – Jan 27, 2021

hola quisiera saber si se soluciono tu problema porque yo tambien pedi y no me responden gaste 200 dolares

Evelyn – Sep 24, 2020

noir box more like SCAM BOX 10/10 scam site i ordered products from this site spent like 450+ dollars on this website its been a months now and still didn’t receive any delivery tracking code or update on my product when i email them they simply reply by saying please wait 2-3 business days well i used to email them every week regarding an update on my order but still used to get same email i want to report this website and sue the owner and i want my money back!

My Email [email protected]

Alisha – Sep 22, 2020

Ordered the so so called mystery box over a month ago I have emailed them and get the same email please send your name order number etc and have done this over fifty times and receive the same email again and again they are virtually uncontactable an utter disgrace

Alberto – Sep 10, 2020

Stay away from scams like these…and it is a scam…

My experience is the same as everyone else. I bought it to teach my kids about scams on the net. Got a $15 mouse pad for my effort.

Interesting thing, it might be illegal in Ontario, where they are based as it looks like it might meet the criteria for a lottery or gambling site and that’s a no-no without a license. Looking into it being from Ontario. I’m also going to the Federal Fraud Centre here to report them; false advertising and all.

Ana – Sep 09, 2020

I bought the product because of the ite.s they had on display and they’re pricing and the amount of items you would get would be 2-5 items, ranging from 50-1000 dollars and all i got was a pos light bulb and a pos mouse pad

Sean – Sep 09, 2020

I got the box because I liked the items the showed that you could get, and the deal that were having for it, a s all I got was a mouse pad and and pos light bulb, they said they’re products would range from 50-300 bucks and there’s aren’t even 20

Marc – Sep 04, 2020

The Product they peddle are cheap garbage. and I received a light bulb as a gaming accessory? Seriously? I am just going to report this as fraud to my credit card company and get my money back. A light bulb was not on the list of the items I could receive. I have contacted them to try and honorably resolve the issue and I was met with a dismissal then silence.

Dominique – Aug 24, 2020

Order stuff and fog nothing, it’s cost almost 100$ I want my money back or lawyer may get involved.

Candice – Jul 25, 2020

What a joke! Received 1 mouse pad valued at $10 and i paid $49.99 for a myster box that is 1 item.
Stay away and dont waste your money!

Summer – Jul 25, 2020

Look at the link to see all the people who ordered this it’s appalling. Glad I was able to see this before I was next.…

Darren – Jul 19, 2020

Spent 50$. They guarantee an item worth 50 to 1k$. I got an led mousepad that is no name brand, and currently sells for about 20 bucks on both Amazon and Walmart. Absolute garbage. I realize the concept is gambling to a degree, but this goes beyond in my opinion. Their site also claims 100% satisfaction, but no refunds on sale items. That 50 price is a reduction from the normal 90 price.. which means every purchase is on a sale item.

Christina – Jul 12, 2020

Scammer’s phone N/A

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address N/A

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country Unknown or Invalid Region

Type of a scam Other

Initial means of contact Email

I originally ordered a TekiBox from a Similar website ( Straight from a Instagram Ad, I have emailed the company to test it asking them when my order will be shipped, and to my response I was told “We have had a look at the status of your order and it is being dispatched today.” However I hadn’t actually ordered anything i just sent the email.

So to conclude DON’T BUY ANYTHING OFF THIS WEBSITE! The fact that it doesn’t accept PayPal is very sketchy. Stay Safe Everyone

Jasmine – Jun 29, 2020

The Website for Noir Box site says that they love their customers and offer high quality and best products of top brands. Seriously not the case. It has been 4months and I still have not received the box I paid for. I have written to them and in the beginning, they were telling me that COVID- 19 was delaying their orders, great explanation but when I went to track my order, my tracking info does not exist, so I wrote them back I asked that they help fix this or refund my money, they told me that they will not refund me due to their all sales final policy fine, one problem I do not have a product to be final. so that was late march early April, its now June almost July still no package, still no tracking number. ALL I get is the run around with them. I feel that All their reviews on their website are fake, written by them and their friends. Do not Buy from theses fake people, DO not they will just steal your money. please get the word out there and shut them down.

Brianna – Jun 07, 2020

They state high quality items and best products of top brands. All false.

Derrick – Jun 05, 2020

On their site says that they love their customers and offer high quality and best products of top brands. Seriously not the case. What I received was low quality and no brand whatsoever. Came in plain brown cardboard box with Chinese and English lettering. No fancy or decorative decal on the box. Got the runaround with them. Talked to my bank and visa is going to take back the funds from them. All the reviews on their site are written by them and their friends. I was able to look up the registration info for the Ontario incorporated #.

Regina – Jun 05, 2020

Here’s their business registration info
I actually paid for the search on the business #, so I can put a name to directly put my complaint to.

Kristin – Jun 03, 2020

Made an order, emailed 30 minutes later requestiong a cancelation and refund and this it the response I got. Luckily im from the UK so I have someform of payment cover from my banks and i’m getting the transaction blocked.

If you are reading this and you made a transaction, just contact your bank and/or just keep remailing them with your rights as a comsummer. Fear tactics is an imediate sign that they know they are in the wrong.

Brittney – Jun 01, 2020

I ordered 2 boxes on the 15th of April and have been trying to find out where they are for almost 2 months, kept getting apologies about minor delays, I kept asking but no luck NOIR BOX IS A SCAM

Marcus – Jun 05, 2020

Here’s their info.
Did a search on their Ontario incorporated #


Zachary – May 26, 2020

Spent $50 on a mystery box and have been given the run around for over 3 weeks. I’ve been given faulty tracking information multiple, and nothing but the same automated reply. Multiple others I’ve heard from received their packages but None of the “guaranteed” items they have listed are products they received. Everyone seems to have received the same things, a light and cheap Chinese mouse. This is not even worth the shipping I paid for the box or the guarantee they gave on their website upon ordering.

-10/5 stars

Veronica – Jun 05, 2020

Here’s the one who registered the business


Isaac – Apr 08, 2020

Victim Location 87505

Total money lost $49.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This offer is advertised mainly on Facebook to people following gaming profiles and groups. The Ad was for a Mystery gaming box on their site which is always on a sale price of $49.99 with a timer that always resets whenever you go to their site. I’m pretty sure this is to give buyers a sense of urgency to buy now cause they deal wont last long.

Well I sadly saw this and fell for it. i got tricked into buying one of these boxes because the value was stated as: "This box contains a value that of over $1,000 worth of items!" "You will get TWO-FOUR of the following items:" I figured it was worth a shot since id probably get at least two to three things that will most likely add up to the 50 dollars I’m spending. Well i was wrong. After waiting 2 weeks for this package to arrive from China i was disappointed at what arrived. There was no mystery box of items it was one item in a padded envelope with no brand name on it. what was in side was a cheap mouse pad. Valued at about $15.00 (checked for something similar on

I looked back at their website and it sure enough lists "TWO-FOUR items" will be included in the mystery box. I only received one item. I contacted support about that and got a reply two days after. They stated its a gamble and a game of chance. its a gamble that i’m going to get what was advertised as a mystery box with a certain amount of items and then get just one thing? I was then told there is no way they can help or offer me a refund. All i wanted was a second or third item since $50 for a knockoff mouse pad isn’t right its a scam. Advertising one thing and then sending another isn’t good business practice.

After my reply was sent they changed the wording on their site to now states "This box contains an item worth $49.99-1k." "You will get ONE-FIVE of the following items:" so they literally changed the problems i mentioned and then sent me a reply saying all sales were final and then went on to use fear tactics saying they would pursue legal action if i were to make a false claim about them.

They need to be shut down.

Archived site: <span title="… />
Current site:

Jimmy – Jun 05, 2020

By their Ontario Inc #, I did a search for registration #.
Here it is…


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